HIA Board Candidate Profile


Adin Alai

CEO and Co-Founder - 9Fiber

Candidate Bio

Adin Alai holds a B.S. in Sports Medicine from Penn State University, He is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of 9FIBER, INC. and is passionate about creating a cleaner and more sustainable world. He is currently an HIA and Global Hemp Association member and an advisory board member to the University of Vermont. Adin has presented hemp and cannabis waste recycling alternatives to legislative houses in Colorado and Maryland. Adin has also spoken at regional and state level economic development forums and has been a presenter at recycling and sustainability forums throughout the country.

Over the last 5 years, 9FIBER has dedicated itself to reducing unsustainable petroleum and timber additives in everyday products with engineered hemp fiber and cellulose via it's patented, eco-friendly process. Successfully, 9FIBER has collaborated with key stakeholders in to introduce engineered hemp fiber and cellulose into the friction, textiles, nonwovens, bioplastics, cosmetics/skincare and industrial market sectors to replace unsustainable materials and reduce the end product carbon footprint. 9FIBER is a recent Fashion For Good grant winner and alumni and NextCycle grant award winner.

Candidate Skills Self-assessment

Corporate Governance / Board Service - Fair to moderate
Nonprofits / Fundraising - Fair to moderate
Business / Management - Fair to moderate
Compliance / Regulatory - Little to none
Policy / Advocacy - Fair to moderate
Safety / Testing - Fair to moderate
Marketing / Public Relations - Fair to moderate
Accounting / Finance - Little to none
Team Building / HR - Fair to moderate
Public Speaking / Media -Significant to expert
Strategic Planning - Significant to expert