HIA Board Candidate Profile


Bryan Bohning

Der Wenig Bauernhof

Candidate Bio

Began my career in foods, eventually becoming a chef and manager. After finding success in this field I decided to make a career move as a Tile layer. In this capacity I unfortunately broke my back, and after years of suffering I was introduced to CBD. This was the catalyst for becoming a Hemp farmer, and providing high quality medicine so that others may find relief.

Candidate Skills Self-assessment

Corporate Governance / Board Service - Fair to moderate
Nonprofits / Fundraising -Little to none
Business / Management - Significant to expert
Compliance / Regulatory - Significant to expert
Policy / Advocacy - Fair to moderate
Safety / Testing - Fair to moderate
Marketing / Public Relations - Fair to moderate
Accounting / Finance - Fair to moderate
Team Building / HR - Significant to expert
Public Speaking / Media -Little to none
Strategic Planning - Significant to expert

What vision for the hemp industry motivates you to get involved and try to help make it a reality?

Increased knowledge over hemps multiple uses and efficacy. Work with all parties to improve access. Help institute proper governmental regulations.

Because HIA serves all facets of the hemp industry, we have a truly big tent membership with diverse needs, opinions, and perspectives. As a Director, how will you help the organization to effectively balance those factors?

The HIA does have various committees dedicated to these areas, therefore the continual monitoring of the HIA’s members needs would be needed to ensure everyone is receiving the support they require.

What priorities do you think HIA should be focusing on in the coming years in order to best support the hemp industry?

Continued support for existing members. An increased focus on ancillary products such as machinery.

What aspects of your background and/or character do you think will be most helpful in terms of your ability to be an effective board member?

I enjoy collaborating with others, developing procedures, and encouraging both learning and teaching. I enjoy listening to others and working together for a common goal.

What would you tell a prospective member about the HIA in order to help them understand the value of joining?

The HIA is a resource where anyone with an interest in hemp can come together with others who wish to collaborate and learn. Whether Fiber/Hurd or Grain/Seed or Cannabinoids there are committees for everyone.