HIA Board Candidate Profile


Jeromy Sherman

Co-Founder, Bayou City Hemp

Candidate Bio

With over 17 years of entrepreneurial experience, Jeromy Sherman is the Co-Founder of Bayou City Hemp Company, Inc., which is Texas’ largest and most premiere hemp processor and manufacturer. Before founding Bayou City Hemp along with its brands including Mixer Elixir, Third Coast Blends, and 8th Wonder, Mr. Sherman successfully founded and ran several energy companies, including American Shale Energy, Inc. and Southwest Texas Energy, Inc and was responsible for acquiring and divesting multi-million-dollar transactions in Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Mr. Sherman also manages Sherman Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois and sits as the President of the Texas Hemp Coalition, on the board of the Cannabinoid Council for the Hemp Industries Association and was named to the inaugural Texas Industrial Hemp Council by the head of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Ag Commissioner Sid Miller.
Mr. Sherman holds an MBA from the University of Mississippi, and a BA from Mississippi State University. Outside of his professional career, Jeromy enjoys coaching his kids’ basketball and baseball teams. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Sarah, and their four children.

Candidate Skills Self-assessment

Corporate Governance / Board Service - Fair to moderate
Nonprofits / Fundraising - Fair to moderate
Business / Management - Significant to expert
Compliance / Regulatory - Fair to moderate
Policy / Advocacy - Fair to moderate
Safety / Testing - Fair to moderate
Marketing / Public Relations - Fair to moderate
Accounting / Finance - Significant to expert
Team Building / HR - Fair to moderate
Public Speaking / Media -Fair to moderate
Strategic Planning - Fair to moderate

What vision for the hemp industry motivates you to get involved and try to help make it a reality?

The hemp industry has so many applications and being in Texas it is an industry at its infancy. Having been at the forefront in Texas in the hemp industry I am more motivated than ever in both the potential medicinal benefits on the cannabinoid side and innovative products my company makes to the long-term potential in the industrial application for our industry.

Because HIA serves all facets of the hemp industry, we have a truly big tent membership with diverse needs, opinions, and perspectives. As a Director, how will you help the organization to effectively balance those factors?

The hemp industry has so many applications and therefore the HIA membership will have many possible perspectives and business needs. I have done this similarly as the President of the Texas Hemp Coalition. We have members and board members who are seed to sale. Therefore, you have to use this as an advantage to bring everyone together rather than a negative as to the diversity of the group.

What priorities do you think HIA should be focusing on in the coming years in order to best support the hemp industry?

(1) Regulations in order to preserve the industry
(2) Standardized testing to put the industry on a level playing field along with making sure the consumer's safety is at the forefront of the industry
(3) Industrial applications and moving the supply chain forward
(4) Bringing all the members together in cohesive manner which will allow us to work together rather move in too many directions.

What aspects of your background and/or character do you think will be most helpful in terms of your ability to be an effective board member?

My background should help in a number of ways from successful company formations & M&A to my farming and commodities background to actually running a successful hemp company in a challenging environment.

What would you tell a prospective member about the HIA in order to help them understand the value of joining?

The HIA is here for you. The HIA is made of members that run the organization and if you want to help shape the industry you need to be a part and have your voice heard.