HIA Board Candidate Profile

La Vonne Peck, Native Network

La Vonne Peck

Principal - Native Network Consulting

Candidate Bio

La Vonne sits on the HIA's Fiber and Hurd Council, the 2023 HIACon Planning Committee and was a member of the 2021 Election Committee. She is currently on the Board by vacancy appointment, with the term she is fulfilling concluding at the end of 2022. La Vonne is the Principal for Native Network Consulting and has worked with Tribal Nations on economic opportunites in the hemp industry. NNC had one of the first three Hemp Plans approved in Indian Country. Continuing her work with Tribes she is currently working with Dun Agro Hemp Group Inc. on the Tribal operation side.

Candidate Skills Self-assessment

Corporate Governance / Board Service - Significant to expert
Nonprofits / Fundraising - Significant to expert
Business / Management - Significant to expert
Compliance / Regulatory - Significant to expert
Policy / Advocacy - Significant to expert
Safety / Testing - Fair to moderate
Marketing / Public Relations - Significant to expert
Accounting / Finance - Fair to moderate
Team Building / HR - Significant to expert
Public Speaking / Media - Fair to moderate
Strategic Planning - Significant to expert

What vision for the hemp industry motivates you to get involved and try to help make it a reality?

I see the opportuity this industry could bring to Tribes and its tribal members. I also envision how instrumental we could be in this industry in growing hemp, creating businesses and partnering with existing businesses. There are 574 Tribes with 56 million acres in the United States.

Because HIA serves all facets of the hemp industry, we have a truly big tent membership with diverse needs, opinions, and perspectives. As a Director, how will you help the organization to effectively balance those factors?

I have had the opportunity to sit on many boards for many organizations and balancing has become a skill. We are all working in different areas and will have different needs, opinions and perspectives. I respect it all and appreciate the challenge in representing all in the industry.

What priorities do you think HIA should be focusing on in the coming years in order to best support the hemp industry?

Advocating the use of hemp to its full potential.
Educate and promote hemp to our farmers.
Continue to work on Policy Change.
Growing the organization.
As the industry grows I know things change but I feel these areas of focus are priorities.

What aspects of your background and/or character do you think will be most helpful in terms of your ability to be an effective board member?

With my career background I have had the pleasure of walking the Hill for policy change, working with City Councils, County Commissioners, Banks, Tribal Governments and owning my own business. In the past 7 years I have learned the hemp industry from the beginning. I have planted hemp, harvested hemp by hand, (tasking) have a product line, held tribal hemp conferences, attended hemp conferences all over the US, read and read some more. What I have gained from all of this is "relationship building" to be successful. So many of those individuals were members of HIA who have paved the way for me to be an effective board member.

What would you tell a prospective member about the HIA in order to help them understand the value of joining?

It is 29 years old; the oldest hemp organization representing hemp companies. It helped our company Native Network Consulting with educational information, posted our conferences and helped us in learning who's who in the industry to name a few. It is an organization who has weathered 28 years and will continue to help everyone who sees the potential of this beautiful plant.