HIA Board Candidate Profile


Sister Kate

Owner - Sisters of the Valley CBD

Candidate Bio

Sister Kate moved to California in 2008, with her three middle-schoolers in tow after a devastating divorce forced her to give up her consulting company. As a person experienced with de-regulating industries, she turned to the newest industry in that category: hemp / cannabis. With her brother, and as a means of supporting the family, they opened a collective in 2009, growing and delivering plant medicine to local patients.

In the middle of Central Valley, where plants abound and jobs are sparse, Sister Kate was determined to create work and leadership opportunities for more women like her. After three years of service, Sister Kate gravitated to the non-psychoactive formulation of the medicine and became determined to get it to the most amount of people (not just Californians). Alongside her goals to help more women and patients, the Sisters of The Valley was born. During the Harvest Moon of 2014, Sister Kate developed their first line of products that could be shipped out of state and internationally.

Candidate Skills Self-assessment

Corporate Governance / Board Service - Significant to expert
Nonprofits / Fundraising - Fair to moderate
Business / Management - Significant to expert
Compliance / Regulatory - Significant to expert
Policy / Advocacy - Fair to moderate
Safety / Testing - Fair to moderate
Marketing / Public Relations - Significant to expert
Accounting / Finance -Fair to moderate
Team Building / HR - Little to none
Public Speaking / Media -Significant to expert
Strategic Planning - Significant to expert

What vision for the hemp industry motivates you to get involved and try to help make it a reality?

It's the Hemp Industry Association itself that motivates me to get involved. I have great respect for this organization. There is no other organization in our industry that I would or have asked to serve. It is the HIA's reputation for focus, for winning the battles they choose wisely and for their excellence in representing our industry that calls to me.

Because HIA serves all facets of the hemp industry, we have a truly big tent membership with diverse needs, opinions, and perspectives. As a Director, how will you help the organization to effectively balance those factors?

There is no part of hemp growing or processing that is NOT divinely feminine. All parts of hemp growing and processing are divinely feminine. There is no part of the plant that is harmful to Mother Earth. There is a massive need for plastics to be phased out and replaced with hemp. There are more potential industries for this plant than I can wrap my head around, but I know that if I serve, I will serve all those people trying to make the planet a better place through the hemp plant.

What priorities do you think HIA should be focusing on in the coming years in order to best support the hemp industry?

I would have to understand from the existing board what priorities they set, and I would want to support, not interrupt anything. My motivation for joining is because of my huge respect for what they have done. I think their priorities should be as they are, fighting for plant freedom, for just laws, for fairness.

What aspects of your background and/or character do you think will be most helpful in terms of your ability to be an effective board member?

My experience running companies, and for four years, a California non-profit, has made me understand the value of collaboration. I've also had to navigate regulations and write opinion papers during other industry de-regulation periods, telecom, internet, for a moment in time, energy. Probably my best gift, though, is the spirit of progressive activism that the Sisterhood lives and breathes.

What would you tell a prospective member about the HIA in order to help them understand the value of joining?

I know that 'joining' is sort of opposite the mentality of our industry, as we've all had to be underground for so many decades, but if you are ever to join and support a group, it would be the Hemp Industry Association and that's because they know your pain, they understand where you are coming from, but they were born of taking up the fight for you, and they have succeeded every time they've hauled the FDA to court. That right there should be enough to convince you.