NASS to send 2021 Hemp Acreage and Production survey this fall

USDA Prepares to Send out its First Hemp Acreage Production Survey

Approximately 20,000 hemp growers to receive mailed surveys in October

Earlier this year, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) sought permission from the White House and took public comment on its plan to conduct a nationwide survey of hemp acreage and production.  This week, NASS announced it was moving forward, putting out word that the roughly 20,000 licensed hemp farmers in the U.S. could expect the survey to arrive in mailboxes in October.

The survey will collect comprehensive data on hemp acreage for operations, yields, production, pricing, and other data points for both indoor and outdoor grows. The questionnaire will cover most major utilizations of the plant, including smokeable hemp, extracts, grain, fiber, and seeds. A video posted by USDA says the survey results will help “set the benchmark for hemp acreage and production to assist regulatory agencies, producers, state governments, processors, and other key industry entities.”

Data collected by the survey will be kept strictly confidential and used for statistical purposes only. The HIA is strongly encouraging its farming members to complete the survey when it arrives. “It’s kind of like the census, but for hemp,” said HIA Executive Director Jody McGinness, “The closer we can get to full participation, the better the federal government will be able to regulate hemp as a commodity.” The Hemp Acreage and Production Survey will provide vital data about the hemp industry to aid producers, regulatory agencies, state governments, processors, and others.

The survey will be returnable by snail mail or by entering a code from the mail piece on the NASS website beginning on October 18th, and will be repeated annually.

Learn more about the survey at

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