Candidate Profile – Robert Mitchell

Birmingham, Alabama

Robert Mitchell

Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Safe Harbour Wellness

Robert Mitchell, Safe Harbour Wellness


candidate question 1

The hemp industry is an industry full of promise with the potential to disrupt long standing business verticals. Verticals such as healthcare, wellness, construction, bio fuel and more. With great opportunity also comes great responsibility and with it, a need for a third party governing authority to bring truth and clarity to an unregulated and often cloudy space due to less than admirable players. I would like to see the HIA be recognized as the beacon of light, the light house in the storm that leads individuals and governing bodies towards the path of safety, transparency as well as sets the bar for high ethical standards.

Candidate question 2

Finding balance with such diversity is certainly a challenging endeavor. However, it is precisely the diversity of individuals and verticals within the hemp space that has the power to effect real innovation. Much like a winning sports team needs players of varying talents to be successful, an organization needs a variety of input and talent to rise to its potential. I have found remaining open to new ideas, asking lots of questions, ensuring people feel heard and despite input given, having the courage to remain true to the overall “WHY” or mission is imperative for success and the pursuit of balance.

Candidate Question 3

I feel focusing on improving the brand message to better communicate to the general population of the critical need an organization such as HIA provides to ensure their safety by bringing transparency and high standards to an industry that is still very much like the Wild West. I also feel we need to do more to help create real change with national marketing abilities for hemp businesses, as so many great companies are struggling due to an inability to market their business on par with any other industry. Lastly, having so many diverse hemp verticals and experienced leadership within our organization, we should do more to involve them in helping us to lead the way with innovation, compliance and transparency.

As serial entrepreneur, I have a very unique background, in that I have known success across a diverse range of industries. I have built startups to uncommon success, led teams upwards of 700 strong and prior built the Inc. 5000’s #1 Fastest Growing Healthcare Company and the # 4 Fastest Growing Overall; scaling 25,485% and growing from near zero to over $100 Million in annual revenue within 3 years under my leadership.

Candidate Question 5

The hemp industry, though full of promise, is akin to the Wild West, with all the opportunities and dangers associated with it. Joining an organization like the HIA, brings governance to an unregulated space, and by joining the association and displaying its seal on your website and labels, shows your customers you are a brand that is committed to higher standards, transparency and safety.