AHPA-AHP Workshop: Botanical, Macroscopic and Organoleptic Assessment of Herbal Ingredients for cGMP Compliance

  • 10 Oct 2017
  • 11 Oct 2017
  • Portland State University

AHPA-AHP Workshop: Botanical, Macroscopic and Organoleptic Assessment of Herbal Ingredients for cGMP Compliance

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Identification of dietary ingredients is a cornerstone of the FDA's dietary supplement cGMPs. This seminar addresses identification of botanical dietary ingredients.

This hands-on, two-day workshop will provide a detailed orientation of botanical, macroscopic, and organoleptic identification methods, quality assessment techniques and terminology, and demonstrate how these techniques are used to evaluate crude plant parts in a scientifically valid manner.

Botanical identification, using classical botany as the basis, is the primary manner in which plant materials are identified. For identification and quality assessment of crude herb materials, macroscopic and organoleptic analysis are among the most rapid, accurate, cost-effective, and environmentally sound of all the analytical technologies. 

The workshop will cover:

  • Botanical identity current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliance requirements
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various analytical technologies (botanical, morphological, microscopic, chemical, DNA) 
  • Botanical terminology and botanical identification of plant materials
  • Language of botanical pharmacognosy and organoleptics
  • Terminology and assessment techniques for roots, leaves, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, and seeds
  • Developing and documenting macroscopic and organoleptic assessments in a scientifically valid manner
  • Common and uncommon botanical adulterants, and how to detect and avoid them
  • Sourcing of botanical reference materials and developing internal standards 

Discussions will be accompanied by hands-on instruction in: 

  • Preparing botanical vouchers and an in-house herbarium collection
  • Examining various plant parts provided during the instruction 

The GMP rules require QC/QA personnel to be adequately trained in dietary ingredient testing. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion to document attendance.

Who Should Attend

  • QA/QC personnel
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Regulatory / Compliance personnel
  • Natural products researchers
  • Staff in dietary supplements companies looking for economical means to comply with the cGMP requirements regarding establishing identity
  • Anyone interested in using botanical, macroscopic, and organoleptic techniques to identify botanicals

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