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    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association.

    NOCO Hemp Expo: The 5th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo has sold out of exhibitor space faster than any year before! We are currently taking 'waiting list' applications.  If you missed your chance to exhibit, don't miss your chance to attend, tickets are currently on sale at www.nocohempexpo.comGet tickets early before they sell out.

    Colorado Hemp Company:  Join Morris Beegle from Colorado Hemp Company/NoCo Hemp Expo and Rick Trojan from The Hemp Road Trip for their new weekly podcast Let's Talk Hemp and The 422 on Thursday mornings at 10am MST via www.letstalkhemp.com.  

    The 422 project combines industrial cannabis with environment and earth-centric messaging, being as they are already a natural fit, pun intended.  Co-hosts Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan bring entertainment, perspective and an undeniable quest for accurate telling of our history.

    Liburdi Industries: The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has granted Liburdi Industries the approval to conduct  research with Industrial Hemp.

    The company has developed  linear modular lights, (4X version), specifically configurated for growing hemp indoor from seeds to plugs or to full mature stage. For more information visit www.liburdii.com

    GSD Investments, LLC: The sister company, Green Hemp Farms has found perfect location to install its 300L CO2 Extraction Plant with all Ancillary units at 1760 Gunnison Ave, Delta, CO 81416 in 1st week of February 2018. The company will be accepting Hemp with minimum CBD 12% to extract CBD oil (finished End-user Product) starting 2nd week of February, charging Extraction Fee as HALF of Extracted CBD oil.

    Growers Supply: 

    After Customer Requests, GrowSpan Reintroduces In-House Financing

    GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is thrilled to announce they will now be offering in-house financing solutions. From nurseries to cannabis production and everything in between, the offer will help customers complete or pursue their greenhouse projects, allowing them to improve their operation’s functionality and profitability. 

    “In our over 38 years of experience as an extensive company, we recognize the value of extended payments for equipment and structural investments. By offering low-interest financing programs, GrowSpan is investing in the growth of our customers and their businesses,” said GrowSpan Sales Manager Geoff Ching. 

    Financing solutions will be done in house, so customers won’t have to deal with the hassle of an outside lending company. This helps provide a seamless project and enables customers to obtain their building when they need it most. 

    Ching further explained, “Customers will work directly with our internal credit team. We are confident they will experience exemplary service throughout the finance review process, in addition to the industry-leading service we provide in design, project management and installation.”

    With a small down payment, customers are able to take advantage of 4.99% financing, which can potentially free up significant capital. 

    “When businesses can finance purchases with trusted leaders, it frees up capital to maximize other investments that fuel growth and expansion,” Ching stressed.

    To find out more, visit www.GrowSpan.com or call 800.476.9715  

    Victory Hemp Foods: Read the latest in Victory Hemp Foods News

    Atalo Holdings: 

    Atalo’s History: Hemp for Beauty

    The headline on England’s Daily Mail proclaimed, “2018's shocking new beauty secret: Cannabis! No, it’s not illegal and it WON'T get you high, then correctly touted Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, as a pioneer in the use of hemp as a health and beauty product.

    “She was a force of nature,” said Joe Hickey, Director of Corporate Relations at Atalo.  Atalo partners Andy Graves, Dave Spalding and Joe Hickey first met Roddick in 1995 when she was looking for a source of hemp oil outside the United Kingdom.  “Anita had heard about the Kentucky Hemp Coop and totally embraced our thinking that farmers are key to quality, natural products,” said Hickey.  “She was inspired by Kentucky’s reputation as The Hemp Capital of the World and gave funding, but more importantly, her voice to the Coop,” he said.

    Soon thereafter, Roddick, accompanied by Hickey and hemp activist Woody Harrelson, met with Jean Laprise, one of Canada’s largest Brussels Sprouts growers, and together they started Kenex, LTD., in Chatham, Ontario.  “We met Jean Laprise through Joe Strobel, who wanted to build a hemp facility in Canada,” Hickey said.  “The group raised money and we opened Kenex in 1997 with the idea of growing and processing hemp in the same location and using the crop for everything from oils for Anita to fiber for particle board, plastics, hempcrete, and matting for automobile panels.  It’s interesting to remember that CBD and the protein profile of hemp were not well known at that time.”  

    Graves, Spalding and Hickey harvested 1,000 seeds from feral plants in the heart of Kentucky’s hemp country and surreptitiously them into Canada where they began the effort to revive the Kentucky germplasm and Kenex began raising hemp and creating products.  According to Hickey, “Kenex began growing and harvesting the Kentucky hemp seed for processing as grain, oil, and fiber.  Anita was interested in oil for health and beauty products and was a huge advocate for that use.”  

    The company also invested in decortication and a fiber matting line to fill orders from US-based Indiana Bio Composites for door panel insulation and carpet underlayment.  “We had plenty of orders for the matting, but the DEA kept stopping shipments at the border and holding them arbitrarily, for days and weeks at a time.  The DEA stepped in to stop us at every opportunity, including sequestering birdseed orders.  Eventually they succeeded in killing the business, but not our enthusiasm. The word was out!” Hickey said.

    Dame Anita Roddick passed away in 2007, leaving a legacy as an advocate for hemp and for ethical consumerism and environmental awareness.  Says Hickey, “She believed in the farmer and in natural products, and she believed in moral leadership as a way of doing business.  We miss her and think about her all the time as we continue the work of bringing hemp back to the farmer and the consumer.  She would get a kick out of that headline.” 

    According to the Daily Mail, the United Kingdom's second-biggest-selling daily newspaper, “The Body Shop was the first High Street brand to bring out a range of hemp products 20 years ago. It was banned in Australia, but now one tube of its hemp hand protector is sold worldwide every nine seconds.”

    Read the entire Daily Mail article here.



    Arthur Rouse | arouse@ataloholdings.com | 859-338-0583

    Mack and Wyatt:  If you are growing non-CBD industrial hemp we want to talk to you! We are buying 30,000 tons of hemp stalks in 2018!

    email us today at mackandwyatt@gmail.com


    WillPower Products:

    WillPower Products Announces First Hemp-Based Supplement Protein Powder for Fitness and Exercise Enthusiasts

    Supplement company launches crowdfunding campaign for consumers to place pre-orders on first ever CBD protein powder: ReGenPCR

    DENVER, CO, Feb. 6, 2018 - WillPower Products today announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign for the world’s first line of industrial hemp dietary supplement protein powders for performance and wellness, ReGenPCR. A complete grass fed whey protein blend, ReGenPCR will be available in cinnamon cocoa or vanilla flavors ideal for keeping an active, fitness-focused lifestyle. 

    ReGen is a protein powder dietary supplement that delivers the most advanced, highest quality industrial hemp oil containing the full entourage of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol, sourced domestically in beautiful Colorado. ReGen provides 20g grass fed whey, 20mg cannabinoids, and 6g BCAA’s. 

    "With the rise in popularity in CBD products, we have reached an important milestone in the sports and fitness health industry by introducing the first phytocannabinoid industrial hemp oil infused protein powder to market,” said Will Carr, founder of WillPower Products. “We are dedicated and committed to bringing the highest quality industrial hemp sports and fitness dietary supplements to market.”

    After being denied acceptance to crowdfund on Kickstarter, WillPower Products has now launched a private crowdfunding campaign exclusively to consumers online. First backed users will get an exclusive look into WillPower’s ReGenPCR by receiving a jug (NET WT. 480G/1.06LBS) in either Cinnamon Cocoa or Vanilla flavors with a $65.00 donation. Users contributing $120.00 will receive two jugs of ReGenPCR, one of each flavor. Top donors ($135 or more) to the crowdfunding campaign will not only receive ReGenPCR product, but also a custom branded WillPower Shaker for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts. WillPower is scheduled to ship ReGenPCR products both domestically and internationally late March of 2018. For more information on WillPower Products and to support their crowdfunding campaign, visit: https://willpower-products.com/pages/crowdfunder

    Visit www.willpower-products.com for more information, or follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.  

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    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    Honest Herbal: Honest Herbal Aids Veterans with a 20 Percent Discount on CBD Hemp Products

    University of Kentucky: Support the Hemp Research Gifts Fund! 

    The Kentucky Tobacco Research & Development Center and the UK Department of Plant & Soil Sciences are joint participants in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. The research within the College of Agriculture, Food & Environment, led by Dr. David Williams, is investigating agronomic parameters affecting field-scale production of industrial hemp. Experiments are aimed at optimizing yields of grain, fiber, and cannabinoids of interest.

    Gifts to this fund will help to progress our knowledge of both hemp production and processing. At the same time, this support will contribute to the university mission of graduate education as many gifts will be used to fund train graduate students to participate in this research. This funding is particularly vital as federal research funding is not available for hemp research.

    You can support the Hemp Research Gifts Fund HERE. Thank you for giving to the Hemp Research Gift Fund. We are grateful for your support!

    Healthy Hemp

    Healthy Hemp is overly excited to announce that our wholesale distribution, Healthy Hemp Solutions, has expanded!! That’s right! They now have their very own distribution center located in Highspire, Pennsylvania. We are now equipped with more space! From a tiny 900 sq. ft. space, to a more suitable 6,100 sq. ft. distribution center! We've been so grateful to have experienced such extreme growth in the last year that has enabled us to take the next step with our awesome team! You will definitely be hearing our name more often. We are on a strong and determined mission to free America's mind from the negative stigmas that have surrounded hemp, and the hemp industry for the last century. We will continue to break the negative stigmas surrounding hemp products and our industry. 

    There is so much excitement coming our way in 2018! The MOST exciting thing is that we finally found a new brand and new products to add to the Healthy Hemp line-up. We are now the FIRST exclusive retailers for Relive Everyday. Relive Everyday is a wellness company committed to providing healthy and natural solutions for you and your family to Re-charge, Re-focus, and Re-Assure your best life! Together we will be delivering high-quality, hemp extract products to encourage positive health from the inside out. Relive Everyday wanted us to live our lives in good health so we can relive our best days, EVERYDAY! 

    Relive Everyday will be releasing ALL NEW PRODUCTS IN 2018, including their very first Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract product, GUMMIES! That’s right, chewable, tasty, easy to take hemp extract gummies. Why purchase RE-ASSURE Broad Spectrum Gummies you ask? 

    • RE-ASSURE gummies are easy to take and perfect for individuals that have sensitivities to taste and texture- young or old! 
    • Easy, pre-determined amount of hemp extract per gummy (approx.10mg.). 
    • Great alternative to traditional tinctures, capsules and vapes.
    • On-the-go awesomeness! Keep in your gym bag, desk drawer, purse - wherever you go - RE-ASSURE can too!
    • 3 great tasting, natural flavors! Lime, orange and watermelon
    • Broad spectrum hemp extract means you get the benefits of the entire hemp plant, and it’s THC FREE! No more worries!

    Make sure you’re following @HealthyHempLLC and @ReliveEverydayLLC on Facebook and Instagram, so you can be the first to know about these awesome products! Visit ReliveEveryday.com to sign up for their email updates! Interested in wholesale distribution? Email us info@healthyhemp.com or call 877.790.9514 

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    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    RxCBD: RxCBD's CBD infused dog treats were featured in a recent special edition of Newsweek.


    HemptopiaHemptopia is your source for hemp promotional material.  They are currently taking pre-orders for hemp tote bags and t-shirts. Visit: https://www.hemptopia.com/hemp-promotional-material/  for more information.

    Mountain View Organics: Katherine Desmond of Mountain View Organics in Corinth Vermont stands with Fedora Hemp that is ready to harvest. Mountain View Organics is currently growing with the Vermont Hemp Company.  

    Colorado Hemp Company

    • On October 14th the Colorado Hemp Company recently held their 4th Annual Hemp Harvest  extremely successful Hemp Harvest Party in Denver. 
    • The 5th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo Sponsorship and Exhibitor Registration launched on Tuesday October 17th. Visit www.nocohempexpo.com to get involved. 

    • Colorado Hemp Company president and founder, Morris Beegle, recently traveled to Poland along with HIA Board Member Rick Trojan and member Preston Whitfield to participate in the Hemp2020 Business Summit. 

    • Morris also launched a new weekly podcast called Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 which is available at www.letstalkhemp.com

    GSD Investments LLC: Green Hemp Farms owns 60,000 sq ft facility in La Junta, CO for Indoor Hemp Farm and CO2 Extractor to extract CBD oil for medical research and industrial use. CEO Garry Dhaliwal recently met with La Junta City Officials that are very supportive of this development in the area.

    It also owns 300 Acres in Gravel Switch, KY and plan to apply for 2018 permit to grow high CBD hemp under Pilot Hemp Program in 200 acres with the help of local farmer that was leasing the property for 10 years. The company has plans to install Alcohol Extraction unit in Lexington, KY by the middle of next year.

    Green Hemp Farms is currently hiring Cannabis experienced Facility Operating Managers for each location. 

    Florida Hemp Processing:The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has published a draft of their rules for pilot farming projects.  A workshop to discuss them is October 13 after which they will be posted in the Florida Administrative Record (FAR).  The public has 28 days to comment in writing.  There do not appear to be any stumbling blocks that will engender delays so the rules can be done by Thanksgiving.  Florida Farmers should contact Denise Hamm at FDACS to be added to the mailing list.  Costs should be limited to the materials used in the project.  A modest performance bond or certificate of deposit at a bank is required to cover destruction costs of the crop at project end.  Florida law requires this for any new crop study.  It is not unique to hemp.  Work can be performed on private land or on university land.  Work is performed under the auspices of University of Florida Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF-IFAS Gainesville) or the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU Tallahassee).  University regents review and approve project plans.

    In 1955, the State of Florida tested hemp as a winter crop.   A planting in February in Lake Worth was quite successful.  So it is possible planting could begin by February south of Orlando, later dates for points north.

    Currently, FDACS receives $2 million dollars a year from DEA to destroy cannabis in Florida.  Hemp must prove under this program that Florida will benefit from Industrial Hemp.

    Medisun FarmsMedisun Farms, based in Ashland Oregon, has commenced the harvest of their 45 acres of organic feminized hemp for the purpose of full spectrum hemp oil.  Both flower and oil available.  Test results upon request. Learn more at https://www.medisunfarms.com/.

    Extract Wellness

    Our online store is “Open for Business”!  

    We, at Extract Wellness are very excited to announce the opening of our online store to provide hemp extract products to consumers across the U.S.  Extract Wellness is an independently owned company based in Louisville, Kentucky.  We are a small team with a big passion for our state, the local Kentucky farmer and for consumers looking for natural wellness solutions.  We are the exclusive distributor for HoneyBee and Medela hemp extract products, all which are handcrafted from pure 100% Kentucky hemp and are 100% Chemical Free. You can find us at extractwellness.com.

    As new members to HIA, we look forward to supporting the hemp industry through advocacy and consumer education. 

    Hemp Highway of Kentucky: The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is proud to be sponsoring and co-hosting a Hemp Law 101 Seminar in conjunction with Abraham Paiss and Associates on Friday November 10, 2017.   

    Presenters include:   Jonathan Miller,   Matthew Smith, Trey Riddle and Joe Bilby.

    Sponsors Include:  Hemp Highway of Kentucky, Hoban Law Group, Endo Scientific

    Click HERE for more information. 

    They are still open to 1 or 2 more sponsors. If you would like to sponsor or have any questions please contact the President of Hemp Highway of Kentucky, Daniel Isenstein at (859) 339-7176 or dan@kentuckyhemphighway.com. 

    Healthy Hemp

    A Word from Mandy Witters, C.E.O. Healthy Hemp LLC: In 2017, Healthy Hemp celebrated its’ second birthday. In the short time we have been around, we have quickly developed a reputation as a leader in customer service and education. We are on a mission to supply the country with the very best hemp extract products – which is why we only offer the best brands! We are quite selective in what we carry because our goal is to help decrease the confusion and increase the health and wellness of you, our beloved customer. Healthy Hemp continues to soar month after month and we owe it all to our renowned brands, wonderful customers (both retail and wholesale), and dedicated staff.

    We are on a strong and determined path to free America’s mind from the negative stigmas that have surrounded hemp products for the last century. Healthy Hemp is your prime and trusted source for Industrial Hemp products like Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extracts, +CBDOil Balms, Capsules, Concentrates, Drops, and Sprays; and our various pet lines. We know you value a healthy lifestyle and prefer natural, ethically sourced ingredients.  Our product offerings are made from authentic hemp and are the perfect embodiment of nature’s goodness.

    Healthy Hemp is quickly becoming a household name for many families and now businesses! I’m proud that our wholesale division, Healthy Hemp Solutions, is on its way to get the beneficial products we carry online in the hands of those that can really help educate the masses: doctors,chiropractors, and local businesses in your community.  Some of the products, including CBD Clinic, that Healthy Hemp Solutions carries are only available to health and wellness professionals - don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor or other medical professional to have them carry hemp extract products closer to home! 

    Lastly, I couldn’t begin changing the world without my amazing staff.  The customer service they offer is what sets Healthy Hemp apart from other online businesses. They take immense pride in putting our customers far before a profit because at the end of the day what matters most to us is quality of life.  This belief we have helps ensure our customers are educated, receiving only the best products, and getting them quickly! 

    Thank you both to my Healthy Hemp Team, customers and social media followers for allowing me to pursue the dream we all have – making the world a better place one step at a time!

    Entourage Clinical Services: Entourage Clinical Services is a new HIA member that just had two grand openings in June, 2017. They are excited to connect their manufacturers to the retail market. They were recently featured in the Chicago Tribune. Check out the article: 'Cannabis-conscious' alternative health clinic opens in West Dundee.

    Atalo Holdings: 

    Kentucky Hemp Producer Unveils Certified Seed at HIACON

    Lexington, KY:  Atalo Holdings, one of the nation’s largest permitted hemp producers, unveiled their certified Victoria seed variety and a scalable agricultural system for hemp production at a visit to their operation during HIACON, the Hemp Industries Association’s, 24th annual national conference. 

    “As demand for hemp products increases, we’re focused on consistency and quality – predictable results from grower to grower and from seed to consumer,” said Atalo chairman, Andrew R. Graves. “For the past three years, we’ve been working with our statewide growers, researchers, partners, academic institutions and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to combine the Victoria seed variety with an agronomic system that can scale accurately, while maintaining consistency and quality. Our growers have been willing innovators, dedicating their time, labor and acreage.  Now, farmers using this system can scale accurately to meet increasing demand.

    Tom Hutchens is Atalo’s Director of Research, with more than 30-years experience in seed research, development and production.  “It starts with quality seed and our proprietary Victoria variety is certified worldwide by the American Association of Seed Certifying Agencies.  Victoria is an internationally pedigreed seed that, when used in the proper agronomic system, can yield both CBD and grain with unique qualities and traits, while being scalable and farmer friendly,” Hutchens said.  “Our partner, John Baker, recognized the value of CBD in 2005.  The Victoria variety has undergone extensive testing and has a solid base of breeding genetics.”

    Benny Webb farms tobacco, beans, and corn in Kentucky and is a member of the Atalo Growers’ Group. “We had a good yield after making a few adjustments for Mother Nature and our hemp gave us a good return,” said Webb.  “Farmers need another crop in our rotation and in my experience the Victoria seed and agronomic system can produce a quality product.  With this system, and the adjustments we can make, we’re ready to scale up to meet demand and in fact we’ll be scaling up next year,” he said.

    Atalo is a consortium of experienced hemp farmers, seed specialists, researchers and international partners operating at the Hemp Research Campus in Winchester, KY, an area that was once referred to as “the Hemp Capital of the World.” The company has grown to 27 employees and a Growers Group of 75 farmers and 150 employees. According to Atalo CEO, William Hilliard, “Our mission is to bring hemp back into the rotation as a successful cash crop for our statewide growers and to deliver a consistent, Kentucky-grown product to consumers everywhere. This is a mission of rural economic development, beneficial to the farmers, the processors and the public. We enjoyed the opportunity to introduce our Victoria seed and our agronomic system to hemp industry professionals from around the world at HIACON.”

    * * *    

    For more information on Atalo, visit the website  http://www.ataloholdings.com

    For photographs, more information or interviews contact:

    Arthur Rouse  arouse@ataloholdings.com

    Dr. Bronner's: 

    Regenerative Organic Certified – Comment Period Open through November 30, 2017

    Rodale Institute in collaboration with Agricultural Justice Project, Compassion in World Farming, Demeter, Fair World Project, Grain Place Foods, Dr. Bronner’s, Maple Hill Creamery, Patagonia, and White Oaks Pastures has released the Regenerative Organic Certified standard. This standard will be implemented by NSF International and is intended to serve as a standard for farming and ranching operations, transportation, slaughter, and certain processing facilities that produce food and fiber. It is a holistic agriculture certification encompassing robust and high-bar standards for ensuring soil health and ecological land management, pasture-based animal welfare, and fairness for farmers and workers.  

     For more information, and to review and comment on the Regenerative Organic Certification requirements, please refer to https://rodaleinstitute.org/regenerativeorganic/ and contact Jessica Evans, Director of Standards Development at NSF International at jevans@nsf.org or 734-913-5774.

    CV Sciences: 

    Blue Circle Development: Blue Circle Development would like to announce our partnership with Kumbaya Farms in Salinas, CA to bring you quality clones this 2018 planting season! We can produce your hemp clones regardless of location, size, your genetics or ours. We have put a limit on production for this coming year, so get your pre-order in as soon as possible. 

    Upcoming Events:

    • MJ Biz Conference: November 14 - 17, 2017               Las Vegas, NV     
    Visit Blue Circle Development at: http://bluecircledevelopment.com/   

    Greenfield Global

  • 07 Aug 2017 12:53 PM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    Kevin Mays: Kevin Mays, CPA is pleased to become a Business Member of the Hemp Industries Association, and is looking forward to working with the hemp industry in Kentucky. Coming from a farming background, Kevin understands the importance of agriculture and enjoys helping his agribusiness clients with their bookkeeping, payroll, tax and other accounting needs. Hemp production once ran in Kevin’s family. “I have this old picture of my grandfather growing hemp on our farm in Hardin County in the 1940’s, as part of the World War II “Hemp for Victory” program.”

    Kevin lives in Bowling Green, KY and can be reached at kmays@cricpa.com or 270-535-6770.

    Elev8 Brands, Inc.: Elev8 Brands, Inc. Announces Attendance of Coffee Fest Trade Show in Chicago, IL June 9th-June 11th and the Expansion of Private Label Business

    Hemp State CBD: Hemp State CBD is now LIVE! Get 10% off when you use the code: HEMPG10

    PlusCBD Oil / CV Sciences: 

    PlusCBD Oil by CV Sciences will be participating in the following tradeshows and speaking engagements in July 2017:

    Event: American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) Annual Conference

    Location: Phoenix, Arizona (Arizona Biltmore Hotel)

    Date: Wednesday, July 12th - Saturday, July 15th, 2017

    Booth #: 210

    Speaking Engagements: 

       - Dr. Aimee Shunney (CV Sciences Medical Advisor) Vendor Presentation

       - Thursday, July 13th, 2017

       - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

       - Dr. Aimee Shunney (CV Sciences Medical Advisor) participating on the CBD Roundtable - CBD: State of the Science, Clinical Applications and What We Know      - Friday, July 14th, 2017

       - 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


    Event: National CoOp Grocers Association 2017 Co+nvergence Annual Conference

    Location: St. Paul, MN (Macalester College)  

    Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

    Booth #: TBD


    Event: Natural Products Association Mid-West: The MAHO Expo & Summer Splash Annual Convention

    Location: Columbus, OH (The Hilton Columbus at Easton)

    Date: Friday, July 21st - Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

    Booth #: 19

    Speaking Engagement:

      - Stuart Tomc, VP of Human Nutrition & Josh Hendrix, Director of Business Development and Domestic Production Dinner Presentation

      - Friday, July 21st, 2017

      - 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM 

     - Topic: The Cannabis Disruption: Bringing Hemp Back


    Event: Institute of Women's Health Conference: Primary Care Topics in Women’s Health

    Location: Portland, OR (University Place Hotel)

    Date: Friday, July 28th - Sunday, July 30th, 2017

    Booth #: TBD

    Speaking Engagements: 

       - Dr. Aimee Shunney (CV Sciences Medical Advisor) CE Lecture

       - Saturday, July 29th, 2017

       - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

       - Topic: Hemp-Derived CBD in Primary Care: The Missing Ingredient in Your Tool Kit


    Event: National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) - 2017 Medical Cannabis Conference

    Location: Portland, OR (NUNM)

    Date: Saturday, July 29th - Sunday, July 30th, 2017

    Booth #: TBD

    Speaking Engagements: 

       - Dr. Aimee Shunney (CV Sciences Medical Advisor) Lunch Lecture

       - Sunday, July 30th, 2017

       - 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM 

       - Topic: Stress, Adrenal Health, and Hemp-derived Cannabidiol

    Healthy Hemp: 

    Here at Healthy Hemp we specialize in authentic hemp products. Healthy Hemp is your source for Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract, CBD oil sprays, balms, vape pens, capsules, concentrates and hemp extracts for pets! At Healthy Hemp, we know you value a healthy lifestyle and prefer natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Our products are made from authentic domestic hemp and are perfect embodiment of nature’s goodness. We are NOW working mainstream pharmacies like the Medicine Shoppe! Healthy Hemp is really excited about our growth and the acceptance of hemp-based products by retailers, medical and holistic professionals. We have quickly grown from an online retailer to the largest and most trusted wholesale distributor of Charlotte’s Web. 

    Healthy Hemp is Growing! 

    Healthy Hemp is expanding into educational workshops both in-person and online. This Spring we started online webinars for our Wholesale  Distributors. Our next webinar will be held Thursday, July 20th!  We are excited to have membership in the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association(PCA), the Michigan Association of Chiropractors(MAC) and the Hemp Industries Association!

    We celebrated Hemp History in Bethlehem, PA where our crew learned how to create hemp paper and hemp concrete, got to check out a BMW-with interior panels made from hemp and had a tour of Lehigh University’s Industrial Hemp pilot program! Twenty U.S. states, including PA, have legalized growth of industrial hemp for research and pilot projects. The Industrial Hemp Research Act, Number 92, signed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on July 20, 2016, provides the ability for industrial hemp to be grown or cultivated by the PA Dept. of Agriculture or an institution of higher education. Of the 16 industrial hemp research projects approved, three are led by Lehigh University in partnership with the Pennsylvania Hemp Industrial Council (PAHIC). 

    Salt Creek Hemp Co.: Salt Creek Hemp Co. is hosting Hemp on the Slope 2, July 22nd in Collbran, Co!  

    John Dvorak / Hempology.Org's Cannabis Curriculum: John was mentioned in this recent article from the Missourian

    FACT CHECK: Missouri once was a large producer of industrial hemp

    The Hemp Advocate: 

    The Hemp Advocate: The Hemp Advocate, is a Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana focused e-Newsletter and Advisory. The goal of The Hemp Advocate is to enlighten, educate, update and collaborate with individuals and businesses within this space. The Hemp Advocate also strives to eliminate the stigma, misrepresentations, outright lies and falsehoods that have, unfortunately, beset this miracle plant for nearly 8 decades. We vigorously attempt to provide current information and share the vast amount of benefits this incredible plant can provide. From giving new life to our rural family farmers, creating thousands of jobs, improving the lives of countless medical patients, enhancing economies world-wide, food, fuel, fiber; the ever-evolving attributes, too long to list. 

    The Hemp Advocate is pleased to announce that we have made available on our site, the full line of HempMeds(R) CBD Hemp Oil Products. From RSHO, Green, Blue and Gold, Hemp Oil paste and capsules to the complete line of Dixie Botanicals and more.... We are excited to provide these high quality health product options to our community. Simply click the "HempMeds" link on the site.

    On the lighter and humorous side, The Hemp Advocate will be adding our newest feature, "Canna-Comics". "Canna-Comics" is a brand new, weekly edition of the fresh and funny, Cannabis-centric comic strip series, "Stickbug!" by G. Blantzen. The comic strip series is very funny, but if you are a Baby Boomer, you should find this cartoon exceptionally hilarious. A new strip published every Wednesday. If you happen to miss one of the episodes, you can find past editions archived in the "Canna-Comics" tab in "Categories". Check it out!

    The Hemp Advocate is proud to be a member of the HIA and aligned with so many hard working visionaries in this industry!

    Indoor Growers World: 

    Indoor Growers World Announces 2017 IGW EXPO Dates

    Date: June 23, 2017

    Contact: Mark Miller (615) 729-0015

    NASHVILLE - Indoor Growers World has announce dates of their 2017 IGW EXPO, a showcase of indoor growing products and technologies, targeting Urban Farming, Industrial Hemp Growers, and other Organic / Hydroponic Growers..  This year's event will be on Friday July 14th and Saturday July 15th.  

    Friday is a Hemp Industries Professionals Only day and Saturday is open to the public.

    A number Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry suppliers will offer classes, hands-on product demonstrations and be available to discuss the details and answer questions on their products used in the growing of industrial hemp.  Friday will offer hemp industry specific presentations.  Aurora / Roots Organics, Nectar for the Gods, Cutting Edge Solutions, Fox Farm and other manufactures will offer education seminars, product demonstrations and one on one question and answer opportunities.

    Indoor Growers World offers Expo discounts on products, close out specials up to 50% off and is pre-booking orders for fall delivery at great savings.  Come join the fun.  Save some money and 

    Food and some Nashville style street music will round out the day.  Show Information and Schedule is available at IGWEXPO.com

    Indoor Growers World is a CEA supplier, as well as a consulting, design, building and technology firm serving growers in middle Tennessee and the entire southeast region.  Visit IndoorGrowersWorld.com for additional information.

    Palmetto Harmony:

    South Carolina prepares to launch nation’s latest hemp program

    Elixinol: Elixinol: “Majority of Hemp-Based CBD Sellers Will Disappear”

    Hemp Road Trip: The Hemp Road Trip bus and crew completed 4 nationwide tours, visiting 48 states, pushing to end federal prohibition of industrial hemp. They've witnessed the direct interference of the DEA and other government organizations stifling commerce.  It's time to create a full length documentary to share the experiences, pitfalls & triumphs of the Hemp Road Trip - and push to end federal prohibition of this agricultural crop that's legal in nearly every other country worldwide. Help them get this documentary made!

  • 01 Jun 2017 11:47 AM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 



    We're excited to announce that RxCBD has been accepted into Telluride Venture Accelerators' 2017 program! RxCBD creates, manufactures, and markets industrial hemp CBD-infused products for pets and their people.   

    This is the 5th year of the program, and building on the success of the past four years, we're especially excited to introduce our largest, most international, and latest stage group of companies yet.

    The teams will be on-site in Telluride starting the first week of March and culminating on June 30th with a Demo Day and community showcase. Throughout the program, the teams will have access to our network of almost one hundred mentors and they will get to work directly with some well known experts in their fields to dive deep into many aspects of their business. 

    Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation: 

    • On June 9th and 10th the KYHRF is hosting a hempcrete building workshop in Lexington in partnership with NoLi CDC. It is $125 or $100 for HIA members. You can find more information HERE.  
    • The Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation has launched The Friends of Hemp Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo Generosity. The campaign supports a few educational programs and research projects, one of which is analyzing the thermodynamics in the hemp house. This is breakthrough research for hemp building materials The campaign has hit 20% of it's goal within month. A little over $6,000. They recieved major donations from Hinkle Environmental Services, Hinkle Block and Masonry and G.F. Vaughan Tobacco. The campaign will continue through summer, please donate and share the campaign with friends and family to support educational and research programs! We appreciate everyone's support! Check it out and donate HERE

    Hemp Ace International:

    The date for the Hemp Technologies Lexington Hempcrete Workshop has changed and will now be held on Thursday, September 7th

    Florida Hemp Processing: 

    Florida becomes the 33rd state to pass a hemp farming law.  Hemp legislation in Florida shook off its opposition and ended up finishing strong with unanimous votes in the Senate and 108-6 in the House.  The bill goes to the Governor for signing otherwise it becomes law in 30 days.

    The bill is Section 7606 compliant and allows public/private partnerships to research hemp farming with no state funds used.  It allows all aspects of farming, processing and market research.  It forbids commercialization for two  years.  Hemp extracts are not prohibited.  Tissue culture work that might lead to THC concentrations in excess of 0.3% are prohibited (i.e. no medical marijuana).

    The Florida Department of Agriculture (FDACS) must commence rule making in 4 months.  University Regents must approve hemp research.  Universities must engage in research partnerships.


    Leading hemp supplement innovator Therabis introduces fast-acting hemp treat supplements to help ease dogs’ stress and promote their general wellness

    Denver, Colorado, May 15, 2017 –Therabis has launched a new line of dog treat supplements, to complement its industry-leading hemp wellness food supplement powders. Built on naturally occurring CBD from hemp, the new treat format introduces an easy to administer fast-acting dose of THC-free cannabinoids and will be available in two different formulations.

    Building on the success of their Calm and Quiet formula, the Therabis Calm and Quiet Treat Supplement combines the power of whole-plant cannabinoids with L-theanine and chromium to ease dogs’ anxiety and help them maintain a calm demeanor through stressful situations. “Our Calm and Quiet powder has experienced 160% year-over-year growth from owners looking to help their dog with generalized anxiety issues. With the new treat supplement, people can help not only these dogs but otherwise ‘normal’ dogs maintain their calm through extenuating situations that stress them out – like fireworks or visits to the vet,” stated Kurt Forstmann, Director of Therabis.

    New to the Therabis product line up will be Happy and Healthy Treat Supplements, a general wellness formula that combines whole-plant cannabinoids with vitamin C and chromium to help maintain proper function of many critical systems that are vital to dogs’ health and well-being. “Homeostasis is key to physical wellness,” stated Stephen M. Katz, DVM and Therabis founder. “Therabis Happy and Healthy will help return dogs’ systems to optimized levels, maintaining their health and quality of life.”

    Therabis treat supplements are now available at https://Therabis.com, and retail locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia.

    About Therabis

    Therabis was founded to deliver the benefits of hemp to pets. Backed by 25 years of veterinary experience and powered by hemp-derived cannabinoids, our products are designed to address the specific conditions that challenge pets. Our founder, veterinarian Stephen M. Katz, DVM, has spent an entire decade researching, developing and perfecting our all-natural formulations that combine the benefits of hemp with botanicals and minerals to target pets’ stress, skin and joints. For more information, contact: 

    Therabis - 877.937.6877 -  https://Therabis.com 

    Industrial Hemp Research Foundation:

    May 2017
    Friends, colleagues, supporters; we would like to inform you of some of the exciting developments taking place behind the scenes at the foundation and with its partners. We would also like to thank everyone who has recently became a member of the foundation as your support advances hemp research and education.

    IHRF Executive Director, Tom Dermody, had the opportunity to personally thank Raphael Mechoulam, the father of modern cannabis research, for his contributions to the research field during the ICR conference. 

    IHRF President, David Bush, Executive Director, Tom Dermody, and CSU-Pueblo University Representative, Brian Vanden Heuvel participated in the first annual, Institute of Cannabis Research Symposium in late April. 

    The conference included representatives from 19 states and 9 countries. Topics of interest included medincials, consumer safety and industrial applications of cannabis. The keynote address was delivered by non other than Raphael Mechoulam, considered by many the father of modern cannabis research.

    IHRF Executive Director, Tom Dermody, considers the conference to be a huge success- "It's fascinating to see what has happened at the ICR in just one year. I'm very excited to see how the IHRF can support further developments based at CSU-Pueblo in the coming year."

    IHRF welcomes new Board of Directors and staff in Q2!

    IHRF is pleased to announce the following individuals are joining the IHRF team:

    Board of Directors

    Debbie Cokes
    A Colorado native with a degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Debbie went on to own and manage a successful engineering firm on the Front Range of Colorado.  During her career, Debbie enjoyed science-based collaboration with regulatory
    compliance agencies in the public and private sectors. In addition, she worked for a national environmental testing laboratory.

    Debbie recognizes the positive impact the industrial hemp plant can have on regional and national economic development.  She believes responsible growth requires industry and regulatory collaboration to develop quality control guidelines and encourage research.  Her company, RxCBD,  relies on responsible business practices and strives to be a quality leader in the hemp product space.

    Treasurer - Brian Richardson
    Brian is native to the great state of Colorado, born and raised. He has lived in nearly every part of the Denver metro area and has seen tremendous growth, including the paving of some roads!

    Brian is a long-time advocate for the cannabis legalization movement. That passion was a catalyst for him to closely research the current insurance needs and concerns for cannabis businesses and eventually dedicate his efforts to proudly serving the hemp and cannabis industry via his company Foundations Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

    Atalo Holdings: 

    Atalo Holdings Announces CBD Products, Including a Full Spectrum CBD with 0% THC 

    Atalo Holdings, Inc. of Winchester, KY, has announced several new CBD offerings for wholesale and white label markets.   

    “Atalo’s researchers and agronomists are focused on developing consistency in hemp-derived CBD, something that is needed in the emerging industry,” said Atalo Chairman, Andrew R. Graves.  “We are now the exclusive grower of a certified, internationally pedigreed variety that has been closely controlled and protected for more than 150 years and is perfectly suited for Kentucky’s growing conditions.”

    The variety is rich with terpenes, which are the markers of aroma, flavor and nutritional value. “When you sample this Full-Spectrum, Kentucky-Grown CBD, you can taste the goodness.  Just like a fine Kentucky bourbon, ingredients matter. Or, if you like analogies, just like a Kentucky thoroughbred racehorse, pedigree matters.” Graves said.  

    In another development, Atalo is now offering a Full Spectrum CBD with 0% THC line, available today for wholesale and white label markets.  A spokesperson for Atalo reports that the new Full Spectrum CBD with 0% THC line is the color of honey, flavor neutral and easily mixable.  CBD concentrations from 75% to 25% are available through an innovative super-critical CO2 separation process.

    For more information on these and other products contact:

    Kyle Raney - kraney@ataloholdings.com

    CV Sciences:

    CV Sciences will be participating in these upcoming hemp history week events:

    Full Circle Market Event - The State of Hemp in the Hemp State

    Date: Monday, June 5, 2017

    Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Location: Full Circle Market - 240 Redwing Dr., Winchester, KY 40391

    Details: Join us at Full Circle Market in Winchester, KY to learn about The State of Hemp in The Hemp State. Hear from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture about how the hemp industry is growing in the state. Brief presentations from: The Hemp Industries Association, KY Chapter President, Chad Rosen; CV Sciences with an update from Josh Hendrix about getting domestic hemp (KY Grown) into PlusCBD Oil; and learn about the Hemp Highway from Dan Isenstein. Food samples will be provided from Laura's Hemp Chocolates and Victory Hemp Foods.

    Rainbow Blossom Hemp History Week Celebration

    Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    Location: Rainbow Blossom - 3738 Lexington Road, Louisville KY 40207

    Details: Join us for a night of fun and education on all things Hemp! Presentations by: CV Sciences' Josh Hendrix on pioneering the CBD evolution and TheHemp Industries Association KY Chapter President, Chad Rosen on growing healthy hemp foods. Also, live music from the Kentucky Roundups

    Hemp Building Course

    Dates: Friday and Saturday June 9th and 10th, 2017

    Location: Lexington, KY

    Details: NoLi CDC, KYHIA, and the Kentucky Hemp Research are putting together a hemp building course sponsored by CV Sciences. There will also be an event on Saturday night open to the public at Rockhouse Brewing. 

    Grabtown Farming, LLC:

    237 kgs of Carmagnola Selezionta  arrived in North Carolina on 5/18/2017. After establishing the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission with the passing of HB 313 in 2015, The state  has received its first industrial hemp seed since the early 1930's if not before.   

    The foundation seed is supplied by Schiavi Seeds of Lexington Ky and will be grown by Grabtown Farming LLC for White Hat Seed Farm in Hertford, NC. White Hat will in turn sell a portion of harvested seed to growers next year while the remaining will be replanted in 2018 to produce certified C1 seeds.

    Fen Rascoe of Grabtown Farming LLC holds the license to grow and said that he's excited to finally get some seed in the ground after two years of regulatory red tape and delays. 

    3 Boys Farm: 

    Judge rules 3 Boys Farm scores highest in medical cannabis license challenge 

    Hemp Picks: 

    Hemp business hopes to boost local economy

  • 20 Apr 2017 9:09 AM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    Hempmeds Mexico

    Balboa Park, San Diego

    Sunday April 23


    All ages

    This Canna Village is a gathering of the top companies, leaders, and educators in the San Diego area teaching society about hemp and how we need to build a new world with this vitally useful plant, featuring all the uses, ie., for paper, food, plastic, medicine, construction, & more


    Dion Markgraaff  - Chancellor ICU International Cannabis University

    Mexican movement leaders -Raul Elizalde PorGrace Foundation & Steven Clarke Heavengrown

    Chris Siegel President Association of Cannabis Professionals

    Stuart Titus—CEO MJNA and General Hemp

    Education area 

    All day workshops making paper and construction items from this plant—en espanoel tambien

    Music by

    Pato Banton



     & more

    Hemp Revival: We are here to advocate, educate, and celebrate the reemergence of the American hemp industry. From nutritious foods to applications in textiles and biofuel, hemp offers possibly the most versatile and sustainable crop known to existence. Stay up to date with hemp industry news, legislation changes, events, developing businesses and more! Check them out at http://www.hemprevival.com.

    Healthy Oilseeds LLC: After receiving permission from the North Dakota State Agriculture Department, Healthy Oilseeds, LLC from Carrington, North Dakota is processing North Dakota grown hemp seed. Healthy Oilseeds is doing cold press expelling, roasting, milling hemp cake and milling whole seed. Healthy Oilseeds has been in business since 2002 processing specialty oilseeds.  In the 15 years Healthy Oilseeds has been in business we have done business in 36 states and 18 countries.  We hope to do hemp business in both America and exporting to many countries says Roger Gussiaas owner/president of Healthy Oilseeds, LLC.

    CBDRx/Functional Remedies: Tim Gordon and CBDRx are Creating Superior Hemp Genetics Using State of the Art Technology

    Vital Hemp: Check out the latest Vital Hemp newsletter and all of the new hemp fashions for spring!

    Florida Hemp Processing: The Florida legislature has shut down hemp again this year.  The house bill put hemp in hemp prison for 5 years at the University.  The Senate bill had no appropriations in it so they put it in the Appropriations committee, the worst committee where it won't get heard.  

    The Florida governor ran HCA/Columbia hospital system that was charged with the worst corporate fine in history (1999) for Medicare fraud.  He was retired by the Board and came to Florida where he built a chain of walk-in clinics.  The pharmaceutical industry fights hemp badly.

    Bob Clayton gave an hour long interview on hemp and hempcrete on WMNF radio's permaculture hour in Tampa. They want to do it again so maybe Bob can help build their advocacy on the radio. WMNF is listener-supported so they can do alternative programming.

    Foundations Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.: Check out their latest newsletter

    Green Gorilla: Green Gorilla's Hemp & Olive CBD Line Featured in Variety Magazine's Legalization and Entertainment Special Issue April 11, 2017

    Tiny Hemp Houses: 

    Tiny Hemp Houses Experience:

    Can you imagine spending a weekend with people that share a common interest? Do you have a desire to learn more about hemp building? Would you like to be involved in a team building activity working to create a remarkable, sustainable structure?  We not only build tiny houses, we connect people. We not only learn together to build with superior materials, but we band together to grow one another’s interest. We are all on a powerful mission together and these experiences, that attract people from all over the world, are unforgettable, inspirational and powerful.  Our aim is to create an experience that will provide lasting friendships and knowledge for the better of the planet.  Sign up today and become part of the global team of hemp entrepreneurs. 

    Hempcrete Workshop- Bee Therapy House Build at La La, a Garden, Fort Collins, Colorado May 12-14, 2017

    Click here for Tickets

    Hands on experience Includes:

    • Hempcrete recipes, mixing and application.
    • History and examples of hempcrete structures.
    • Sourcing local materials for cost effectiveness.
    • Natural building techniques.
    • Alternative materials derived from hemp, including interior glazing with lignin.
    • Break-out sessions and garden demonstrations:
    • Lignin extraction, goat tending, leaf-fractioning,
    • Sharing economy and bio-mimicry.

    This video shows an example of a bee-house in Canada. Most are in Russia. We will be building the first US Bee-Therapy House. The first world wide Hemp-Built therapy house. 

    Register at https://tinyhemphouses.regfox.com/hemp-built-bee-therapy-house-intensive

    John Patterson- Lead Instructor


    New Earth Organics & Hydroponics: New Earth Organics and Hydroponics in Louisville, Kentucky, is introducing a new nutrient schedule that is cannabis specific for their industrial hemp farmers. Their Custom Nutrient line of Grow, Bloom, Bloom Builder and Body Builder is perfect for drip line feeding. Body Builder will increase resin production and help your variety reach it's full genetic potential. New Earth Smart Tea is a biologically active, 100% organic nutrient that is perfect for drip line and foliar feeding, plus enriches the soil. These nutrients are widely used for commercial cannabis production and ideal for industrial hemp farmers growing high CBD crops. Why reinvent the wheel? Approved growers call 502.261.0005 or visit www.newearthgardencenter.com.

    Hemp Highway of Kentucky:

    Hemp Highway of Kentucky Takes Fork in the Road, Offering Blank “Kentucky Hemp Est. 1775” brand Hemp Blend T-Shirts 

    Just in time for Hemp History week and Summer Festival Season.

    The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is proud to announce its private line of blank 60/40 Hemp/Cotton blend T-Shirts suitable for your business logo.  The shirts are offered under the brand “Kentucky Hemp Est. 1775” which is printed in a small 2 1/2” round image on the sleeve.   Cost is $15 with a minimum order of 10 shirts.  Individual shirts will be available retail at our website.   Mix and match sizes and available colors.  Arrangements can be made to put your artwork on the front of these amazing shirts.  

    Please contact Dan@Kentuckyhemphighway.com to start a conversation.

    Hemp Picks LLC: 

    Press Release for Hemp Picks LLC Opening

    Demonstrating the industrial value of hemp in Parkersburg

    The Point Park Marketplace has a new business that set up shop on April 20th in downtown Parkersburg. Robby Kerr and J. Morgan Leach are passionate entrepreneurs who launched Hemp Picks to educate the locals about industrial hemp and really demonstrate the industrial value of a once standard and vital crop in this country. 

    Hemp Picks will provide a venue for those interested in hemp to shop for sustainable products or learn more about growing industrial hemp in West Virginia. 

    Studying cannabis industries and assisting a variety of businesses, Robby Kerr is knowledgeable about what this new industry can offer West Virginia. “There is an educational gap in the distinction between hemp and marijuana”, Robby said, “and I enjoy showing the variety of sustainable products being developed for everyday use. People are shocked that such a valuable and versatile crop was prohibited during a majority of the 20th century”.

    The Point Park Marketplace is fostering a festive environment for Parkersburg, and the interest in hemp is growing for the area. The store will offer art, educational materials, soap, musical instruments and accessories, foods, clothing, bags, tinctures, and lotions. For more information, visit their website at www.hemp-picks.com or email hemppicks@gmail.com.

    CV Sciences: Check out CV Sciences' latest webinar, American Hemp and the Path to a Domestic Supply Chain,  presented by Josh Hendrix, Director of Business Development - Domestic Production.  

  • 20 Mar 2017 10:06 AM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    International Cannabis Corporation: ICC Enters Into MOU and Presale Agreement with Emblem Corp. Setting in Motion a Framework for the Importation of CBD Into Canada 

    Elixinol: Respira, New Multi-Use Hemp Tinctures from Elixinol, Can Be Taken Orally, Topically, or as a Vape | Patients Suffering From Epileptic Seizures in Brazil Have New Relief Options

    The Hemp Phone Book: The 2017 Hemp Phone Book  will be printed and distributed in the Summer of 2017 to approx. 2000 Hemp Related Business Owners & Mangers in The US & Canada. Members of The HIA and other verifiable Hemp Related Businesses are eligible for a COMPLEMENTARY LISTING by calling 970-532-3008 or by emailing hemp@theMJdirectory.com . Deadline for early bird advertising discounts is April 15th, 2017. The 2017 Hemp Phone Book  will include Hemp Related Products, Hemp Related Services, Hemp Clothing, Hemp Botanicals/CDB/Oils and other helpful hemp related listings. 

    CV Sciences: CV Sciences, Inc. Launches First Online Education Platform for Retail Sales Associates and Industry Professionals | Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, ND and CV Sciences' VP of Human Nutrition, Stuart Tomc, talk to Fox 5 San Diego about PlusCBD Oil’s line of Hemp-Derived CBD Products.


    Founders Hemp: Founder’s Hemp is happy to announce a completion of our seed round of capital financing and breaking ground on our new Hemp Food Processing plant in Asheboro, NC.  Founder’s was the first registered processor under the NC Pilot Program and our plant is the first announced Hemp Food plant in the state.  www.foundershemp.com

    Hemptopia: Hemptopia supplies blank hemp promotional material to hemp companies looking to brand on original, authentic and organic hemp items. We stock blank hemp tote bags, baseball caps and blank t-shirts to be screen printed or embroidered. For more information visit: http://www.hemptopia.com/hemp-services/

    Colorado Hemp Company / NOCO Hemp Expo: NoCo Hemp Expo 4 Confirms Programming Details for March 31-April 1 Event


    March 10, 2017 Boulder, Colorado 

    CBDRx and Functional Remedies, the world’s premiere hemp farms and nutraceutical hemp product lines, now set to open a new state of the art hemp production facility in Boulder, Colorado.

    CBDRx and Functional Remedies announce expansion into their new cutting edge hemp production facility. The 15,000 square foot facility will feature the hemp industry’s leading analytical lab, the new Functional Remedies large scale manufacturing lab, a genetic research lab, and corporate offices. The new facility is expected to increase the production of their highly sought after hemp extracts tounprecedented capabilities. “I see this as a great opportunity to create jobs in our home town” said Tim Gordon, CBDRx CEO and Principal at Functional Remedies, “This facility will serve as a model for hemp production facilities,” said Gordon. “As CBDRx and Functional Remedies expand, so does the hemp industry, and Colorado is leading the way,” Gordon explained. 

    Functional Remedies produces the highest quality hemp extracted oils and hemp based products. Founded in 2014 CBDRx is the leader in providing high quality phytocannabinoid rich hemp in agriculture. 

    Hemp Highway of Kentucky:

    The Seed and Fiber of Wealth: A New Documentary Film Chronicling the History of Hemp Production in Kentucky

    LEXINGTON, KY – Witnessing History, LLC, a producer of documentary films on Kentucky and American history, and Hemp Highway of Kentucky, LLC, the organizer and promoter of the tour route through central Kentucky chronicling the history of hemp production in the State, have entered into a collaborative agreement to produce a fifty-six minute documentary film for public and cable television on the history of hemp production in Kentucky. 

    No crop was more significant to the growth and development of Kentucky than hemp. An annual plant of Asian origin, hemp was brought to Kentucky from Virginia by the earliest pioneer settlers. Far from centers of civilization, those pioneers raised hemp in order to use its fibers to make clothes, headgear, paper, rope, blankets, bags, floor coverings and other articles. Its seeds were used to make lamp oil, butter, flour, and chicken feed. As Kentucky became more and more settled hemp became the Commonwealth’s greatest cash crop. New Orleans became Kentucky’s principal marketplace for hemp as it was for whiskey. In the early Nineteenth Century, the fledgling United States Navy outfitted many of its ships with halyards and rigging made exclusively from Kentucky hemp ropes; the sails, likewise, were mostly made of Kentucky hemp. The vast production of Kentucky hemp thus played a role in America’s victory over Britain in the War of 1812. Up until the 1850s, Kentucky produced most of the hemp grown in America. 

    Among Kentucky’s most influential people were those whose fortunes were tied to the production of hemp. Lexingtonians John Wesley Hunt, James Morrison, Robert S. Todd, Thomas and Peter January, Benjamin Gratz, Thomas and Nathaniel Hart, John Brand, and Henry Clay were either very large hemp producers or manufacturers of hemp products, or both. The wealth they garnered in the heyday of hemp production contributed immensely to the growth of Transylvania University, among other central Kentucky institutions. Lexington became the epicenter of the hemp industry, producing vast amounts of cloth, rope, and sheeting from hemp. By the end of the Civil War, and with the emancipation of slaves, the use of hemp fell into a decline. Hemp would become a subject of nostalgia; noted Kentucky novelist, James Lane Allen, would write about the raising of hemp in romantic – and near poetic – terms in his 1900 novel, A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields. Although revived during World War II, the raising of hemp in America had ceased altogether thereafter largely due to federal government interference. Hemp, however, is now on its way back! 

    The documentary film will chronicle the remarkable story of hemp production in Kentucky and will be magnificently illustrated with period portraiture and early photographs of prominent hemp producers, as well as mid-Nineteenth Century photography of the vast hemp fields and those who labored in them. Footage of sites critical to the story of hemp production will be filmed in many of the counties in central Kentucky. The dependence of hemp production upon the institution of slavery will be carefully chronicled. The film will end with an examination of hemp’s resurgence. It will take approximately fifteen months to produce the film. 

    “I am thrilled to collaborate with Daniel Isenstein and Hemp Highway of Kentucky in the production of such a film. It is a film I have long wanted to produce and this collaboration with Daniel Isenstein and Hemp Highway of Kentucky has made it possible,” said Kent Masterson Brown, President and Content Developer for Witnessing History, LLC and Witnessing History Education Foundation, Inc. of Lexington. Witnessing History has produced nine award-winning films that are regularly broadcast on KET and other American and foreign networks, including: “I Remember The Old Home Very Well:” The Lincolns in Kentucky, Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West, Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union, The Civil War in Kentucky, and Bourbon and Kentucky: A History Distilled

    "I cannot put into words how humbled and excited I am to be working with master storyteller Kent Masterson Brown and Witnessing History on a film that shows how hemp weaves all through the Kentucky historical narrative," said Daniel Isenstein, President of the Hemp Highway of Kentucky, LLC. The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is dedicated to expanding tourism opportunities throughout the Bluegrass region by exploring Kentucky's fertile hemp history. 

    HempMeds Mexico: Study Results: Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico Announces Release Of Study Using Its Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ To Treat Epileptic Children

    The Wonder Seed: 

    The Wonder Seed Wins 1st International Awards!

    Newport Beach, CA – May 16, 2017 – The Wonder Seed, the most effective line of hemp seed oil skin and hair care products, has just won their first international awards with The Beauty Shortlist in the UK!  Their Hemp Conditioner won Best Conditioner and their Hemp Hand Cream Won the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Hand Cream.  “Brands from 38 different countries entered so it’s an exciting win since we were competing with some of the world's top brands” says The Wonder Seed Co-Founder, Theresa Hellings.  “I am privileged to be educating the world from this platform! Save the world and look good doing it!  When I saw what our hemp seed oil body care did for my skin and hair, I started eating hemp every day too so I could get it from the inside out!  It’s the most nutritious thing you can eat or put on your skin.”

    Hemp seed oil, in all Wonder Seed products, is the most nutritious oil on Earth.  It has a long list of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E), minerals (including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc), amino acids (all 10 humans need), and a perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 for human absorption.  This remarkable oil provides nourishment and protection deep at the cellular level, providing excellent healing, rejuvenating and moisturizing benefits:

    • Absorption delivers nutrients deep into the cellular level giving skin & hair a radiantly healthy glow
    • Facial products soften skin texture, balance oil and help clear up acne, eczema, rosacea & psoriasis
    • Hair products help clear up dry, itchy & flaky scalp and give you your best hair day ever
    • Ultra moisturizing with a healthy dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

    At The Wonder Seed, all products are designed to give you an extreme and dramatic improvement that you’ll notice after using only once or twice.  The fifteen item product line ships worldwide from Amazon.com 

    Hemp, if put to all its uses, replaces toxic plastics and water-wasting cotton fabrics.  Hemp paper would save trees.  Hemp crops actually nourish the soil instead of leaching nutrients from the soil and they grew hemp after the Chernobyl nuclear accident to clean the radiation.  Ford knew all this when he built his hemp car which also ran on hemp biofuel.  

    For more information, call (866) 877-5378 or visit www.thewonderseed.com

    NuLeaf Naturals: NuLeaf Naturals recently launched their hemp CBD oil pet product on their website. This product has shown great success with a variety of mammals including dogs, cats, horses, and more. They graciously want to extend an exclusive discount to the Hemp Industries Association subscribers: "hemp20" for 20% off your entire order.

    Hemp Technologies: HEMPCRETE WORKSHOPS! Hemp Technologies, builders of the first fully permitted home in the U.S., is conducting Hempcrete Workshops throughout North America, including in Lexington, KY in tandem with HIACON 2017! Lexington attendees are in for a special treat because Hemp Technologies globally recognized President industrial hemp expert Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. will join world class Instructor Joy Beckerman to conduct this workshop. There are still a few spots left for the 4/3/17 Longmont, CO Workshop scheduled in tandem with NoCo4! Additional dates are 4/12/17 Seattle, 5/8/17 Vancouver, BC, 6/11/17 Montego Bay, JA, and 6/25/17 San Francisco. These dynamic and engaging single day workshops on the fascinating science of carbon sequestering, mold-, rot-, fire-, and pest-resistant hempcrete include the hand-mixing and forming of your own sample block. Register now!

    The Hemp Advocate: The Hemp Advocate, is a Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana focused e-Newsletter and Advisory. The goal of The Hemp Advocate is to enlighten, educate, update and collaborate with individuals and businesses within this space. The Hemp Advocate also strives to eliminate the stigma, misrepresentations, outright lies and falsehoods that have, unfortunately, beset this miracle plant for nearly 8 decades. We vigorously attempt to provide current information and share the vast amount of benefits this incredible plant can provide. From giving new life to our rural family farmers, creating thousands of jobs, improving the lives of countless medical patients, enhancing economies world-wide, food, fuel, fiber; the ever-evolving attributes, too long to list.

    The Hemp Advocate (www.thehempadvocate.com) is pleased to announce that we have made available on our site, the full line of HempMeds(R) CBD Hemp Oil Products. From RSHO, Green, Blue and Gold, Hemp Oil paste and capsules to the complete line of Dixie Botanicals and more.... We are excited to provide these high quality health product options to our community.

    Hemp Ace International: Seattle-based Hemp Ace International is busier than ever now that Washington State is preparing for its first legal industrial hemp planting in app. 90 years! Principal Industrial Hemp Specialist Joy Beckerman, who is also the President of the Washington HIA Chapter, is plowing through the growing field of legal support and advisory needs of her global and regional clients while weaving together the fibers of agriculture, infrastructure, and marketing of hemp in her State. Joy is also traveling throughout North America for a spectrum of speaking engagements, and as the Lead Hempcrete Workshop Instructor for Hemp Technologies, builders of the first fully-permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S. The “Hemp Ace,” as she is known, is thrilled to present on hemp building materials for Hemp Technologies at the Build Expo Jamaica Conference in June. Need an excuse to visit Jamaica? Come to the Hempcrete Workshop in Montego Bay

    Kahush: New HIA Member Kahush's mission is to create innovative high quality gear that reflects their love and devotion to the great outdoors. By utilizing the most versatile natural fiber around, hemp, they strive to meet their customer's functional needs while addressing environmental concerns. Check out their website and kickstarter campaign

    RxCBD: We're excited to announce that RxCBD has been accepted into Telluride Venture Accelerators' 2017 program! RxCBD creates, manufactures, and markets industrial hemp CBD-infused products for pets and their people.   

    This is the 5th year of the program, and building on the success of the past four years, we're especially excited to introduce our largest, most international, and latest stage group of companies yet.

    The teams will be on-site in Telluride starting the first week of March and culminating on June 30th with a Demo Day and community showcase. Throughout the program, the teams will have access to our network of almost one hundred mentors and they will get to work directly with some well known experts in their fields to dive deep into many aspects of their business. 

  • 15 Feb 2017 3:46 PM | Erin Pully (Administrator)

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    JungmavenNew at Jungmaven are the 100% hemp duvet cover, sheets (top and bottom) and pillow cases. Jungmaven hemp woven sheets are soft out of the box and get softer with each wash.  We love the weight of a single top sheet in the summer and the softness underneath a down comforter in cooler months. Find them HERE

    Hemp Highway Tours of Kentucky: Kentucky Hemp Highway hopes to provide education about hemp history ; The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is extremely pleased at the warm reception we have received in small towns across the Bluegrass and look forward telling the story of Kentucky through the story of hemp.

    Salveo Capital, LLC: Salveo Capital Invests in Ancillary Companies Headset & Frontrange Biosciences

    Major Hemp: Sipp Industries Enters Agreement with Colorado Draft Distributors to Distribute "Major Hemp Brown Ale" ; Sleeping Giant and Major Hemp Collaborate on New Hemp-Seed Beer

    Hemptopia: Hemptopia has new hemp t-shirts and hemp leaf socks available now! 

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co: AJG is a world class provider of risk management and commercial services. They offer all forms of risk from Property, Workers Compensation, Product Liability, Professional Liability and more. They were recently named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies for 2016! If you are interested in learning more visit their WEBSITE

    Doug Fine: Doug Fine, author of Hemp Bound and HIA member since 2014, tells us his Family Green Vermont Hemp is finishing bottling its first round of a delightful farm-pressed Hemp in Hemp product. A hair and skin conditioner, muscle rub, and massage oil, each 100 ml bottle is made entirely from The Family Green’s farm-pressed Vermont hemp seed oil infused with its flowers.Doug warns that even a single application may cause soothing of your sweetheart’s shoulders. “I use a tablespoon in the bath,” Fine says. “Softens my skin and relaxes me after a long day of goat ranching.” Look for product release announcement on Twitter @organiccowboy. And as Hemp Bound approaches its third anniversary of publication on 4-20-14, its message remains as valuable as ever: launching a hemp industry is hard work, but the payoff for earth and community is worth it. Catch Doug at live events around the world. 

    Chris Nelson (Kitty's Corner Guest Houses): "Hemp History - Feasibility Pilot Program" was presented to a The Friends Arrow Rock, Missouri 1st Saturday Lecture Series, to a standing room only audience.

    Paul Diaz (MotherEarth Plant): Arizona has introduced SB 1337, for industrial Hemp.

    Green Gorilla: Green Gorilla is proud to have their products included in the Official 59th Annual GRAMMY®Gift bag ; Green Gorilla Executive Steven Saxton Elected as New CEO - Chairman 

    The Hemp Advocate: The Hemp Advocateis a Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana focused e-Newsletter and Advisory. The goal of The Hemp Advocate is to enlighten, educate, update and collaborate with individuals and businesses within this space. The Hemp Advocate also strives to eliminate the stigma, misrepresentations , outright lies and falsehoods that have, unfortunately, beset this miracle plant for nearly 8 decades. We vigorously attempt to provide current information and share the vast amount of benefits this incredible plant can provide. From giving new life to our rural family farmers, creating thousands of jobs, improving the lives of countless medical patients, enhancing economies world-wide, food, fuel and fiber; the ever-evolving attributes, too long to list.

    We just returned from The Emerald Conference in San Diego (a Cannabis science and extraction protocols event) and now currently in Orlando covering The Cannabis Investing Event at The Money Show. Hope to be sharing updates from these conferences shortly.

    Tara Lynn Bridal: With needle and thread Tara Lynn has been working to transform the misconception of the hemp Muumuu into a luxurious ethereal hemp wedding dress or a fashion forward tailored hemp jacket that impresses power, strength and wisdom upon passersby. In the mountains of Vermont, eco couture fashion designer Tara Lynn has launched a collection of hemp wedding dresses, women’s ready to wear and most recently a line of men’s hemp suits. 

    In October 2016 Tara Lynn won a local Vermont business pitch. She is actively seeking investors and talent to grow her brand into a lifestyle fashion company. “We are not just selling hemp clothing” clarifies Tara Lynn, “we are selling an exceptional experience, something that makes our customers feel really special.”


    Tara Lynn Scheidet began making custom hemp clothing in 1999 in New York. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Tara Lynn moved to Vermont with the vision of opening a sustainable fashion house. In 2005, Tara Lynn opened her fashion house in Sutton, Vermont. She now draws couples from across the country, Canada and Europe looking for custom hemp wedding attire. You can contact Tara at taralynn@taralynnbridal.com or visit www.taralynnbridal.com.


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