• 31 Jan 2018 2:07 PM | Anonymous

    Illinois HIA: 

    The ILHIA is working on revising and lobbying for passage of Illinois SB 2298, the "Industrial Hemp Act" of 2018

    A similar bill was introduced and passed in 2017. However, it was the medical cannabis industry that shot-down the bill as they want to have CBD within their program, rather than with hemp licensing. This of course would hamper the efforts within the state. The chapter members have been getting behind contacting their respective state senators to get them to back the bill, as it will allow farmers the ability to become licensed. 

  • 30 Oct 2017 4:14 PM | Anonymous

    Kentucky HIA: 

    Kentucky's industrial hemp research pilot program is now taking applications for the 2018 growing season! Program applications can be downloaded at http://www.kyagr.com/hemp/

  • 10 Jul 2017 11:09 AM | Anonymous

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 


    The Kentucky HIA recently hosted a Building with Hemp Workshop in Lexington! Check out the following articles and photos from the event!

    Kentucky-grown hemp will insulate the walls of this house

    Kentucky's First Hemp Insulated Home Under Construction


    Additionally, the Kentucky Government continues to lean in to support the development of hemp as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as well as State and Local Counties provide grant money to Hemp Food company Victory Hemp Foods for marketing and processing equipment.

    Tennessee HIA:

    This quarter has been very exciting for the TNHIA. Our legislative initiative (Public Chapter 369 - 2017) passed both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam on May 11. Many thanks go to our prime sponsors (Senator Frank Niceley and Representative Jay Reedy) as well as to our cosponsors (Speaker Steve McDaniel, Representative Jeremy Faison, and Representative Pat Marsh).

    The law makes any topical or ingestible industrial hemp derived products fully and completely legal for sale and possession in the state of Tennessee as long as the products do not exceed the 0.3% threshold.

    The legislation makes it legal to procure genetics (whether from seed or clones) from landrace and non-certified varieties as long as the 0.3% threshold is not exceeded. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture will act as the registrar and clearing house for these genetics as part of our state’s industrial hemp pilot program. Our continued appreciation goes out to our regulators as they work as a partner with the TNHIA to encourage hemp production and economy.

    We are also, in lieu of federal legislation that would make it unnecessary, waiting for an opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General regarding the exchange of plant genetics between states with pilot programs in place. This seems like a no-brainer, but we certainly want to remain fully compliant with bot state and federal law. Other states are doing it, and the TNHIA just wants to make sure that Tennessee farmers are not placed at a disadvantage in the global marketplace. We appreciate all efforts from Colleen, HIA national staff, and the Hoban Group in keeping DEA and FDA at bay in regards to their insistence upon promulgating legislative rules in violation of the law.

    On the local side, we had our first non-Murfreesboro, chapter meeting in June. It was at the Edney Innovation Center in Chattanooga’s historic downtown in conjunction with Local Hemp Chattanooga’s annual hemp festival. Many thanks to all who attended our meeting, particularly those who joined the TNHIA, as well as to those who had booths educating the public and selling wonderful industrial hemp derived products.

    Our next meeting will be at the TSU Agricultural Extension Center in Clarksville TN, where TNHIA board members and hemp graduate students, Clint Palmer and Cody Seals, will be presenting on industrial hemp agronomy. Our special guest will be Representative Jay Reedy who will let us know how is hemp crop is coming along as well as new insights on the legislative process going forward.

    Colorado HIA: Check out the latest from the Colorado Chapter!

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    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    Kentucky HIA: New KYHIA President Brings Positive Vision

    Colorado HIA: Check out the latest hemp happinin's from the CO HIA! 

  • 25 Apr 2017 10:43 AM | Anonymous

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association.    

    Kentucky HIA:

    • Chad Rosen, founder of Victory Hemp Foods, was announced as the new KY HIA President. 
    • The KY HIA held a happy hour at Rock House Brewing after the annual conference where they released their new hemp ale called Uncle Jon's Brown Hemp Ale.
    • KYHIA Member, The Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation, is holding a Crowdfunding Campaign Launch Party at Rock House Brewing in Lexington, KY this Fri, April 21 to raise money for hemp education and research. For more details and to get tickets, click here.  
    • KYHIA board member, Josh Hendrix, has a radio show called Hemp Happy Hour that is on Lexington Community Radio (93.9FM locally in Lexington, KY) each Tuesday from 4-5pm EST or anyone can stream it here: http://www.lexingtoncommunityradio.org/en_US/wlxu/. He has guests on each week to talk hemp. This week, on Tues, April 18, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles is on the show. 
    • KYHIA member, Sunstrand LLC, has been approved for $381,500 in state funds to expand its processing facility! Read the article
    • KYHIA Member, Hemp Highway of Kentucky, is involved in a documentary film project being produced by Witnessing History. "The Seed and Fiber of Wealth: The History of Hemp in Kentucky" is a 56 minute long documentary film being produced by Witnessing History for broadcast on Kentucky Educational Television (KET). This network reaches 3 million homes. Films are then usually picked up for broadcast on PBS station across the US and Canada. They are actively soliciting sponsors at all levels for this film. For more info, check out: http://witnessinghistoryonline.com/media/1552 or contact Daniel Isenstein at dan@kentuckyhemphighway.com 

    New York HIA: On April 18, 2017, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration organized a Summit on Growing the Hemp Industry in New York State that was hosted by Cornell University College of Agriculture & Life Science. In attendance was the Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Agricultural Commissioner Richard Ball, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Senator Tom O'Mara and the Dean of Cornell College of Ag Kathryn Boor, to name a few. 

    The morning session consisted of statements from each of the panel members named above, in addition to several others including SUNY Morrisville and the hemp grow they participated in, J&D Farms, Cornell University Professors and researchers and a few of the people who have been granted new permits this year. This year, all 10 permits have been issued, and the cap has been lifted for next year. Lupardo annuonced that she thinks 2018 will be the year for hemp in NY. 

    Everybody recognises the potential that hemp has, which is the best first step in helping the hemp industry beging to grow in NY. Lieutenant Gov. Hochul is well informed and knowledgable about hemp, stated she wants the agencies in Albany to do what needs to be done to usher in the industry. Right now, sourcing and procuring the seeds and the accompanying paperwork is the biggest hurdle in the process. Hochul said she wants the Dept of Ag to step in and make the process easier and streamlined.

    Cooperation was also stressed at the meeting. It seems clear to the governemnt officials that it's going to take an effort across many fronts to enable the building of a new industry, particularly one that has federal laws posing challenges. NY has pledged to do what it can to work on changing federal law. 

    NYHIA had a presence at the meeting as well. President Susie Cody sat on an afternoon panel and spoke about possible markets and other opportunities. She said that education of both the farmers and the consumer base is very important as we embark on growing the industry. 

    To stay informed, send an email to susie.nyhia@yahoo.com

    Colorado HIA: Click here to read the latest CO HIA newsletter and stay informed!

    Indiana HIA: Click here to read the latest IN HIA newsletter and stay informed! 

  • 20 Mar 2017 12:13 PM | Anonymous

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    West Virginia HIA: WV HIA Launches Go Fund Me Campaign to Support Hemp as WV's New Niche Crop 

    Washington HIA: Chapter lead Joy Beckerman obtained prime and co-sponsors in

    both the [WA State Legislature] House (HB 1979) and Senate (SB5732) for her bill seeking continuted funding for the WSDA Industrial Hemp Research Pilot (IHRP). Joy also spoke atSeattle Meaningful Movie's Bringing It Home Screening on Feb 4th and schlepped several of her displays for the crowd. The WA HIA co-sponsored an Industrial Hemp Networking Event in Yakima, WA on March 4th with hemp company Evergreen Industries SPC, and Joy presented with the WSDA IHRP Coordinator.   

    Indiana HIA: The IN HIA had a booth at Purdue Small Farms on March 3-4. Check it out on their blog

  • 17 Feb 2017 12:47 PM | Anonymous

    The views and opinions expressed in on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hemp Industries Association. 

    West Virginia HIA: 

    Local Food and Farm Day at the Legislature

    WV Food and Farm Coalition, WV Farmers Market Association, and WV Farmers Cooperative passed resolutions in both the House and the Senate to make Feb. 23 Local Food and Farms day  that the WV Legislature. Farmers from around the state came to support the effort and to educate law makers about the opportunities to diversify our economy with local foods and innovative crops. Creating a local food supply will not only help to diversify the WV economy, but will increase the access to fresh fruits and vegetables for local markets. Expanding farm to table operations will have a tremendous effect on the health and wellness of our state. These organizations are teaming up with local farmers to advocate for legislation this session that will expand the Cottage Foods industry, the Rabbit processing industry, and Industrial Hemp production in West Virginia. For more information on the status of the legislation, you can visit http://wvfoodandfarm.org/http://wvfarmers.org/, and https://wvhemp.org/.  

    President's Day Hemp Meeting

    The WV President's Day hemp meeting was a great day of outreach and education! 


    New York HIA: Join the NY HIA in Rochester on Wednesday, February 22nd for a hempcrete workshop!

    THE WORKSHOP: Rochester's 21st Century Hemp is proud to host Hemp Technologies, builders of the first permitted hempcrete homes in America, and Hemp Solutions USA, for a world class hands-on instructional hemp building education event! Click HERE to register. This premier Hempcrete Workshop includes engaging and dynamic presentations on the fascinating science and use of hemp and lime construction infill, along with the the hand-mixing and forming of your own hempcrete block, breakfast fruit, and a delicious lunch. Don't miss this opportunity learn from the experts!

    ROCHESTER, NY TEAM: Joining renowned industrial hemp instructor Joy Beckerman remotely from Canada and New Zealand will be Hemp Technologies globally recognized President Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. and larger than life Co-Founder Greg Flavall. There are over 50 years of combined industrial hemp experience between these three internationally distinguished hemp industry leaders. 

    REGISTRATION FEE: $200 (U.S.) includes all instruction, materials, tools and protective gear for your own hempcrete block, along with breakfast fruit, coffee, and a delicious lunch during the workshop. Pre-registration is required. Click HERE to register!

    Hempcrete, made from industrial hemp and lime, is the healthiest possible building material for constructing a safe indoor air environment. It is mold-resistant, rot-resistant, fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Hempcrete is a carbon negative, carbon sequestering building material that is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years. Hempcrete regulates temperature and has a high vapor permeability, so it can absorb and release water, allowing it to respond to changing humidity levels and creating a “breathable wall.” Join us!

    QUESTIONS? Please contact Ira Fair at irafair@centuryhemp21.com or (585) 713-8116. You can also check out the event on Facebook!


    Illinois HIA: Illinois HIA Chapter lead and HIA Vice President Eric Pollitt recently met with a State Representative who is interested in working with the Illinois Chapter to get the Illinois Department of Agriculture more involved with industrial hemp, and perhaps find funding to do so. Follow them on Facebook

    Kentucky HIA:

    Save the date for KY HIA’s 2017 Annual Conference! The conference will be  held Tuesday, March 21st from 9AM to 5PM at the Red Mile in Lexington. This is a great opportunity to network with industry peers, discuss hot topics and enjoy presentations from University Researchers and leading industry experts. Sponsorships are still available! If you are interested in sponsoring the event, email: info@kyhia.org

    Tennessee HIA:

    The Tennessee chapter of the Hemp Industries Association has been busy so far this year. We’ve selected a board, elected officers, and are brainstorming about events that will expand awareness and opportunities for profit.

    We also plan for a prosperous 2017 by clarifying and expanding our legislative mandate. We have SB969•HB1164 before the Tennessee General Assembly which will achieve each of the following goals upon passage:

    1. Broadening the definition of industrial hemp to include whole plant extract while in manufacturing process and when reconstituted to levels below 0.3% THC,

    2. Expanding plant sourcing options to propagules (rooted cuttings/clones) for certified varieties,

    3. Expanding seed and propagule sourcing options beyond certified varieties to landrace (feral) varieties as long as plants remain below THC levels (<0.3%) qualifying as industrial hemp. This is an industry-wide effort to expedite development of plant genetics suitable for Tennessee Crop Improvement Association consideration for certification,

    4. Allowing Tennessee consumers to purchase and possess non-viable industrial hemp products without a license and free from fear of prosecution, and

    5. Providing the TN Department of Agriculture the authority to register and track landrace (feral) varieties as well as establish fees to administer the industrial hemp pilot program.

    We want to offer our very best wishes to our Executive Director, Colleen Keahey, in her new position and thank her for her tireless efforts on behalf of Tennessee hemp farmers.

    Joe Kirkpatrick, President • TNHIA


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