Hemp returned to the Aloha State in 2018

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2020: 470

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Individuals and entities who wish to grow hemp in Hawaii must acquire a hemp production license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Domestic Hemp Production Program and comply with the following state requirements:

  1. Any person convicted of a felony related to a controlled substance under state or federal law is prohibited from producing hemp, or being a key participant in an entity producing hemp, for a period of ten years following the date of conviction;
  2. Hemp growth can only occur in the state agricultural district;
  3. Hemp shall not be grown 500 feet of pre-existing real property comprising a playground, childcare facility, or school;
  4. Hemp shall not be grown within 500 feet of any pre-existing house, dwelling unit, residential apartment, or other residential structure that is not owned or controlled by the license holder;
  5. Hemp shall not be grown in any house, dwelling unit, residential apartment, or other residential structure.

Applications for USDA hemp production licenses must be submitted directly to the USDA.  The application may be viewed here: USDA Hemp Application (PDF).

USDA Hemp Producer License

Hemp-derived cannabinoids legal status*

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*While we make every effort to keep this data up-to-date and accurate, the HIA can make no guarantees to that effect. Thus, any purchasing decisions should be made with that fact in mind, and any business decisions should only be made in consultation with qualified legal counsel.