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Hemp Industry Litigation in Response to DEA Overreach

In this webinar, we're joined by Rod Kight of Kight Law and Shane Pennington of Vicente Sederberg, LLP for a discussion on the HIA v. DEA IV litigation and how this important casework can impact the hemp industries.

In September 2020, the HIA and industry members filed a lawsuit against DEA, challenging a rule that could have far-reaching consequences. This petition asked the federal appeals court to review an interim final rule the DEA issued in August 2020, arguing the agency exceeded its authority and violated the 2018 farm bill.

When Congress passed the 2018 farm bill, it explicitly carved hemp and its derivatives out of the Controlled Substances Act so that hemp can be regulated as an agricultural commodity. The DEA’s interim final rule could create substantial barriers to the legal manufacturing of hemp-derived products, a critical component of the hemp supply chain, and devastate the entire hemp industry. Although the DEA states that is not its intention, the rule must be amended to ensure hemp remains an agricultural crop, as Congress intended.

The petitioners are represented by leading hemp industry attorneys at Vicente Sederberg LLP, Kight Law Office PC, and Hoban Law Group, along with appellate attorneys from Yetter Coleman LLP, which has received national attention for its work against the DEA in the realm of cannabis research.

For over 25 years, the Hemp Industries Association has been fighting for justice for hemp. This case is the fourth occasion in its history, the HIA has taken the Drug Enforcement Administration to federal court in landmark cases that helped to secure the future of the hemp industry in the United States.

Navigating the CBD Hemp Oversupply

In this a data-driven discussion, Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO of PanXchange discusses the current oversupply of CBD hemp. Rick Trojan, HIA Board President gives an overview of opportunities in growing for hemp fiber & grain from as farmers are making planting plans for 2021.

DELTA-8-THC Webinar 

Delta-8 is a subject that has generated a tremendous amount of interest and excitement, for a number of reasons, and we hope you’ll leave today with a clearer understanding of Delta-8 and the scientific, legal, and policy issues surrounding it. We asked two of our members - Vicente Sederberg & Industrial Hemp Farms - both established leaders in their fields, to join us today and share their knowledge and insights on Delta-8.

HIA Discusses the DEA's IFR on the 2018 Farm Bill

HIA Executive Director and Board discuss the DEA's IFR and the HIA's public comment

Reducing Your Risk (and Insurance) with Supply Chain Traceability

In the webinar, HIA Members Joe Witte, VP of Ecosystems and Partnerships at TagOne and Gary Rimler, CEO of ‎Rimler Consulting & Risk Management, have teamed up to bring you Reducing Your Risk (and insurance) with Supply Chain Traceability. Topics covered include:

• Current risk climate for Hemp and CBD

• The Risk Management Process

• How Product Liability Differs From Product Recall

• Most significant risks for hemp and CBD

• How insurance is evaluated and typical insurance costs

• What companies can do to reduce their risk (and their premiums)

• Impact of supply chain best practices on risk reduction

• How technology and blockchain can reduce risk (and build trust)

Hemp Trend Watch: A Data Driven Discussion with PanXchange

In this webinar, HIA Member PanXchange's Director of Hemp Markets, RJ Hopp and VP of Hemp Markets, Alex Rados lead a data driven conversation on hemp pricing and markets. PanXchange is a market structure solution firm, providing benchmark pricing and physical trading platforms to various commodity markets around the globe.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

• Market update as of the end of April (looking at recent industry trends, pricing trends, opportunities, etc.),

• Data from a market perspective that we are looking at (hemp production license trends, how new states will affect overall supply outlook)

• Looking forward to the upcoming crop year

How & Why Potency Testing Affects Profitability

In this webinar, HIA Member Ionization Labs discusses techniques to achieve more profitability in hemp cultivation through effective potency testing. Cultivators can use the analytics component for breeding strains with highly sought after and exotic cannabinoids. Hemp cultivators can monitor harvests to remain compliant with strictly controlled THC levels. Growers can use the information to strengthen harvests, and better understand how to increase (or decrease) specific cannabinoids based on growing environments.

Debt Law Overview; Knowing Your Options with Kight Law

In this webinar, HIA Member Rod Kight walks through your options when a company owing you money files for bankruptcy and/or when you are facing challenges paying your creditors.

Rod's Asheville, NC based firm represents legal cannabis businesses throughout the world, and he is editor and chief writer of the Kight On Cannabis law blog, a popular blog that discusses evolving legal issues affecting the cannabis industry. For almost twenty years, Rod has provided legal representation to individuals and businesses with debtor-creditor issues. He was certified as a bankruptcy law specialist by the NC State Bar and the American Board of Certification, has been published widely on bankruptcy-related topics, and presented on insolvency issues at legal education seminars.

The Economics of Planting & Yield Estimating with Hemp Harvest Works

In this webinar, HIA Member Bish Enterprises's Founder and CEO, Andrew Bish presenting a Yield Estimating tool that will assist in maintaining knowledge of your operational costs and profits with the continuous fluctuating markets. Andrew also speaks to the difference between growing hemp horticulturally versus agriculturally and keeping up to date with commodities and marketplaces.

Industrial Gases for the Processing Industry

Join HIA Member Tim Lebrecht, Industry Manager for Cryogenics at Air Products, as he educates about Industrial Gases for the Processing Industry. In this comprehensive educational webinar Tim covers safety, efficiency, product quality and how being mindful of those things ultimately increases your profitability. 

Cyber Security & Business Continuity for Hemp Companies

Whether your hemp business can survive a disaster, deal with a business interruption, fend off cyber criminals, acquire a competitor, or merge with a partner depends on how well you are able to implement, manage, support, and defend your company’s information systems.

During this timely webinar, HIA member Jeff Pascal, will cover the following:

• The basics about business continuity and disaster recovery, and cyber-attacks.

• How to better understand what it takes to protect both your company and your customer’s data from breaches and attacks.

• Your company’s potential information system vulnerabilities within your network, data storage, wireless access points, mobile devices, network devices, and corporate business applications.

Hemp Drying Basics & Best Practices with IEC Thermo

In this webinar, join HIA Member IEC Thermo's Director of Compliance Matthew Clark and Sales & Marketing Manager Shawna Koch as they discuss “Hemp Drying Basics”.

Not only will this session cover hemp drying as part of the supply chain, it will compare traditional and mechanical drying techniques. Learn about the different factors that affect CBD during harvest and drying and how to maximize your yield with recommended drying practices.

Hemp Markets; Outlook 2020 with Ian Laird

In this webinar, HIA Member Ian Laird of HempBenchmarks discusses what the past, current, and future of the hemp industry look like based on actual data and trends. Ian provides an overview of the type of industry data Hemp Benchmarks specializes in providing, as well as share actual current industry data including:

∙ Where Have We Been: Price Trajectory 2019 - 2020 - YTD

∙ Where Are We Going: Biomass Supply 2020 (compared with 2019)

∙ Extraction Capacity across the Country

∙ Demand for Hemp-Derived Products

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