Affiliation Program Overview

Affiliate organizations are separate, autonomous nonprofit organizations that partner with the HIA. Typically they will have a specific local, state, or regional service area and a mission that aligns with the mission of the Hemp Industries Association: to advance the hemp economy and educate the market for the benefit of our members, the public, and the planet.

Affiliation provides benefits to both organizations including shared knowledge, expanded networks, more opportunities for collaboration, coordination of local and national advocacy, membership discounts, and improving progress toward the shared mission. Overall, affiliation is formed around the principle that we as an industry are stronger when working together to foster knowledge, professionalism, and opportunity in the U.S. hemp economy.

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What are the benefits of affiliating?

What are the eligibility requirements?

What is the application process?

Why join as an affiliate? We're stronger together!

If you share the HIA's commitment to building a thriving hemp economy in the U.S. for the benefit of our members, the public, and the planet, there's a place for your organization in our network of allies. State and regional affiliates are nonprofit organizations who, through their members, provide invaluable grassroots support and local connections to HIA, while we work to deliver value through b2b savings, professional advocacy, education, and networking opportunities on a national basis. As our commitment to partnership with state and regional affiliates, we provide your members with an across-the-board 25% discount on membership in the Hemp Industries Association. The tables below Illustrate just how much our affiliates will save when they become a part of the country's first and largest hemp trade association:

Business Members

Level  Standard Dues



Your Members Save 
Entrepreneur $250 $185 $65
Executive  $1,000  $750  $250
Enterprise  $2,500  $1,850 $625
 Premier $5,000  $3,700  $1,250

Farming Members

Level Standard Dues



Your Members Save 
Agrarian $150 $113 $37
Farmstead  $750  $562  $188

Individual Members

Level  Standard Dues



Your Members Save 
Supporter $99 $75 $24
Advocate $25  $18  $7

Organizations that are not eligible for Affiliation:

For profit organizations, political action committees, organizations without members, or any organization that discriminates on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, disability, nationality, or marital status.  

Required to Apply for Affiliation:

  • The organization must be an independent, legally constituted nonprofit with a formal organizational structure.

  • The organization must have a mission that does not conflict with the HIA’s.

  • The organization must have an online presence and a means of communicating with the constituency it serves. 

  • The organization must have a demonstrated commitment to ensuring responsibility and accuracy in its communications. 

  • Must be willing to provide a negotiated discount or benefits share to HIA members and be willing/able to promote discounted 25% membership in the HIA to its constituents. 

  • It must be willing to adhere to the Hemp Industries Association’s Code of Ethics as outlined in the affiliation agreement.

Affiliate Application Process:

If your organization meets the criteria described above, it is eligible to submit an Application for Affiliation with the Hemp Industries Association. 

Step 1. Complete the Application for Affiliation and submit it for consideration. 

Step 2. The application is evaluated and delivered to the Hemproots Committee of the Hemp Industries Association, which meets monthly to evaluate applications and provide formal recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

Step 3. The HIA Board of Directors votes on whether or not to approve the Affiliate Committee’s recommendations.   

Step 4. The HIA provides notification of its determination to the affiliate. If approved, a joint announcement strategy is coordinated along with the implementation of mutually-encouraged membership and other benefits. 

Questions? Contact Jody McGinness at or call (707) 874-3648.


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