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HIA Social Networks

HIA Member Benefit*

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Current members are invited to submit content to be shared across the HIA social networks that meets all of the following guidelines:

  1. Fresh/Timely – No old news, recycled content, or previously-issued releases. 
  2. Not an Advertisement – No overtly commercial messaging, encouragements to purchase, notice of offers, sales, or specials, or for-profit events (members can use the Hemp Events Calendar).
  3. Topical/Compelling – HIA has a large, diverse, and engaged social media audience that responds to content that is both relevant to the hemp industry and in the spirit of our mission.
  4. Not Date Specific – Scheduled social media promotions are a benefit of Business membership at the Executive level or higher facilitated by member services.

Terms of Use

Utilization of this member benefit is subject to the following terms (updated 9-1-2021):

  • No Promises – Submission of member content is not a guarantee that it will be shared. We won’t always be able to keep up with the volume of submissions because successfully integrating it with the HIA’s communications calendar requires planning, opportunity, and capacity. 
  • Our Discretion – HIA reserves the right to share or not share any of the content submitted, without explanation, for any reason (or none) without getting a bunch of angry emails about it.
  • Generally Speaking – We do our best to share member content on an egalitarian, first-submitted-fist-posted basis. But the space in our calendar is finite, so we use guideline #3 to prioritize.
By Proceeding You Agree to the Terms and Guidelines
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