HIA Farming Class memberships include farms, nonprofits, agribusiness, and universities
  • Does not include usage of the HIA Member Badge; all other benefits apply.

  • All members are required to adhere to HIA’s Members Code of Ethics.

  • Includes the right to vote (or be a candidate) in HIA Board elections and at business meetings. Six months of membership directly preceding an election is required.

  • Everyone gets one vote, regardless of the length or level of the membership.
farming membership options

Annual Farming Class membership is for: nonprofit allies, businesses serving farmers, universities, farm bureaus, regulators —essentially, and farms of all sizes.

Hemp's Full Potential
Hemp History Week
Sustainably Farming Hemp
  • Value-Add #1

    Participate in the sustainable development of hemp as a resource for investing in the American heartland, expanding opportunities for marginalized and underserved communities, spurring innovation, and enriching the quality of life for all.

  • Value-Add #2

    Be part of the longest-standing national hemp community, with an unmatched network and almost thirty years of hemp education and advocacy, and help to write the next chapter in the history of hemp.

  • Value-Add #3

    Understand how hemp can help diversify your crops, gain practical and agronomic knowledge of hemp farming, regenerative-organic methods, and the hemp plant's unique value in sustainable agriculture

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