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Anndrea Hermann Honored at NoCo Hemp Expo

Last month at NoCo Hemp Expo, HIA board of directors member Anndrea Hermann was honored with the prestigious Mother Earth Award – Lady of Agriculture at the WAFBA Awards of Excellence ceremony. She is the HIA’s longest-serving seated Director, past President, and current Secretary. Anndrea is the second recipient of the award, following 2022 winner Winona LaDuke, establishing a prestigious lineage for this award that recognizes women whose contributions to the hemp industry have had

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One hemp podcast

The One Hemp Podcast

The HIA is proud to present the first episode of the One Hemp Podcast. The podcast was conceived a medium for featuring good news about the hemp industry and telling the human stories that have formed the history of hemp in the U.S. The inaugural episode features: Hemp Headlines – A rundown of the hemp news you need to know, featuring Mike Lewis as a guest commenter. An in-depth interview with Gerard Simon, COO of

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Thanks to OP Innovates, Cheef Holdings, and KCA Labs for renewing their HIA memberships!

HIA thanks three renewing business members

The Hemp Industries Association this week thanks OP Innovates, Cheef Holdings, and KCA Labs for renewing their memberships. OP innovates is a Kentucky-based formulations company dedicated to naturally improving bioavailability of hemp cannabinoids. With an expert team including COO (and newly re-elected board member) Annie Rouse, they create products with superior absorption utilizing their clinically proven, patented, organic technology: Naturia+™. OP Innovates offers turnkey services for private/white labeling and licensing opportunities for dry capsules, tablets,

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HIA welcomes new and renewing members

The Hemp Industries Association this week welcomed two new and two renewing business members. Joining the HIA is Verve Seed Solutions, an industry-leading hemp innovator offering high-yielding custom hemp varieties tailored to growers needs. Based in Alberta, Verve offers unmatched expertise and experience with hemp breeding, field-testing, market development, and certified seed sales of elite hemp varieties for the Canadian, US, and international markets. They have largest portfolio of varieties to suit the needs of

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US Hemp Fiber and Hurd Supply Chain Map

New Hemp Fiber and Hurd Supply Chain Map Available

December 21, 2022                                                                                   Contact: media@thehia.org 707.874.3648 New Hemp Fiber and Hurd Supply Chain Map Available Hemp Nonprofits Collaborate to Create Valuable Resources for Farmers, Processors, Manufacturers and Other Hemp Fiber and Hurd Businesses VANCOUVER,

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HIA's 2022 Election Committee

Hemp Industries Association 2022 Board Election Begins

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 20, 2022 Vancouver, WA – The 2022 election for the Hemp Industries Association’s Board of Directors began today, with virtual ballots distributed to all voting members of the nation’s oldest hemp advocacy group. With eleven candidates nominated to fill five upcoming vacancies, the votes of the members are set to have a profound impact on the future of the 29-year old hemp industry nonprofit. The election will run through the end

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HIA and Bear Cognition Data Analytics Partnership

Hemp Industries Association Announces Bear Cognition as Data Analytics Partner

Vancouver, WA – The Hemp Industries Association today announced a new partnership with Bear Cognition, an analytics company that helps the hemp industry with data driven decisions, reporting, and evaluation from seed to shelf. A new business member based in North Charleston, South Carolina, Bear Cognition specializes in Unified & Gap Analytics and Data Science & Optimization Tools delivered via their innovative Software with a Service (SwaS™) model. As HIA’s official analytics partner, Bear Cognition

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Delta 8 is the new Boogie Man

Why I Might Go as Delta 8 THC for Halloween

Confusion and a lack of data on hemp cannabinoids is being exploited by biased actors to undermine the hemp industry’s fastest growing market. It has been about four years since Congress legalized hemp, and the reintroduction of this incredibly versatile cash crop to the U.S. has been fraught with obstacles; a lack of federal guidance, inconsistent and burdensome state regulations, and the bursting of a huge CBD bubble that cratered the market and left farmers

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USDA shows fiber hemp is top use in 2022

Hemp For Fiber and Hurd is Top Use in 2022

USDA released its first batch of 2022 planting data in August, revealing that —for the first time since the 2018 Farm Bill— hemp grown for fiber will represent the biggest portion of outdoor planted hemp nationally. The overall acreage is estimated to have declined by 42% to 20,496 outdoor planted acres. As a portion of the whole, hemp planted for flower dropped from 61% in 2021 to an estimated 34% of all outdoor planted hemp. Hemp for

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Renewing Members this Week

Thank You to this Week’s Renewing Members

The Hemp Industries Association this week welcomed three renewing members.  Now in their fifth year of membership is GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures out of North Windsor Connecticut. Founded in 1979, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been designing and manufacturing the industry’s finest greenhouses, and for over a decade, GrowSpan has applied their expertise to the hemp industry. Named 2022’s Best CBD Purveyor by the Austin Chronicle, woman-owned RESTART is a fifth-year member offering a broad range of

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What if we are testing Delta 8 for compliance wrong

Delta 8 THC: Are we doing compliance testing wrong?

The primary method used to test Delta-8 THC product compliance can’t do the job. Hemp is the first cash crop to be (re)introduced to U.S. farming in decades, and the 2018 Farm Bill handed the industry a whole mess of unique challenges along with legalization. Farmers and manufacturers have been confronted by confusing and onerous regulations; there has been a lack of federal support in the form of subsidies and insurance for farmers, producers have

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Renewing HIA members

Thanks to Terry’s Health Products and Other Renewing Members

Sixth-year member Terry’s Health Products is a natural food store with a nearly 40-year tradition of providing the community of greater Bismarck, North Dakota with more than 5000 items to support a healthy lifestyle, including vitamins, supplements, chemical-free personal care products, essential oils, bulk, natural and healthy groceries, and—since 2018—Peace Garden Hemp’s unique selection of Full and Broad Spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN products. The shop has won Bismarck’s Best of the Best Health and

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Hemp Industries Association - Advance U.S. Hemp

New and Renewing Members this Week

This week, the Hemp Industries Association welcomes renewing business members Abraham Paiss and Associates, Botany Farms, Hemp Benchmarks, and the Trusted Lab CBD, while welcoming new members Luxe Delta. members Mountain Zest CBD and Revolt CBD. Entering the eighth year as HIA members, Abraham Paiss and Associates is a woman-owned strategic communications and business development firm based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 1996 by Neshama Abraham and Zev Paiss, they are dedicated to sustainable solutions and provide consulting

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HIA welcomes new and renewing members

New and Renewing Members

This week, the Hemp Industries Association welcomes renewing business members Pet Releaf, Bish Enterprises, Native Networks Consulting, and new business members Mountain Zest CBD and Revolt CBD. Pet Releaf started as a small family-owned business with the sole mission of creating effective, natural alternatives to pet health and wellness supplements made with honesty and integrity and has grown into the national leader in hemp-derived pet care products. Since its founding Pet Releaf has helped more than 2.5

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DEA refuses to issue cannabis research licenses

Drug Enforcement Administration Continues to Stand in the Way of Progress

Tennessee member NuSachi, Inc. did everything right, but the DEA is blowing off its own deadlines—and Congressional mandates—to prevent research into cannabis The DEA doesn’t follow rules that it doesn’t like —even when the agency itself drafted the rules in question.  That lesson has been driven home time and again during the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and is being emphatically underscored again today when it comes to producing marijuana* for clinical research. A

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