Our Affiliate Partners

The Texas Hemp Coalition (TxHC) is the premier advocacy and educational non-profit dedicated to providing  pertinent information on the hemp industry in the state of Texas. Our goal is to provide beneficial content to our members in the areas of farming, processing, retail and economic development in this new industry. 

Visit the Texas Hemp Coalition

Midwest Hemp Council members are involved in farming, processing, hemp research, product development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and education. Our mission is to stand as a credible information center, a trusted policy advocate and a dedicated forum for the hemp industry in Indiana and beyond.

Visit the Midwest Hemp Council

The South Carolina Hemp Association was founded to support farmers, manufacturers and retailers; promote hemp as a viable crop, commodity and retail product; advocate for legislative changes to benefit industry stakeholders; and educate the public and law enforcement about hemp’s uses and benefits.

Visit the South Carolina Hemp Association

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Are you a member of one of our Affiliates?

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Working Together
Constructing a new industry is a shared endeavor.

Affiliate Group Criteria:

State and Regional Hemp Groups

Independent nonprofits with members

Aligned with HIA's Mission

Program Overview

Affiliate organizations are separate, membership-based nonprofits have a specific local, state, or regional service area and a mission that aligns with the the HIA’s: To advance the hemp economy and educate the market for the benefit of our members, the public, and the planet.

Affiliation provides benefits to both organizations including shared knowledge, expanded networks, co-promotion, increased opportunities for collaboration, coordination of advocacy, membership and event discounts, among others. 

Program FAQ

In addition to a acting as a national promotional partner for your group and a valuable resource for your events/advocacy efforts, the HIA provides members of your group a 25% discount on membership.

For any Affiliate group’s members who join HIA as individuals, they could save as much as $24. Any who join as farming members can save as much as $188. And any of your member businesses who join the HIA can save up to $1,250!

Affiliation also provides a valuable service opportunity: Each affiliate designates a member to sit on the HIA’s standing Affiliates Committee, and those committee members vote on a Chair. That Chairperson automatically holds a voting seat on the HIA’s Board of Directors

To be eligible to become an Affiliate, a state or regional group must:

— Be an independent, legally constituted nonprofit with a formal organizational structure.

— Have a mission that does not conflict with the HIA’s.

— Have an online presence and a means of communicating with the constituency it serves.

— Have demonstrated commitment to ensuring responsibility and accuracy in its communications.

— Be willing/able to promote the discounted 25% membership in the HIA to its members.

For-profit organizations, political action committees, organizations without members, or any organization that discriminates on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, disability, nationality, or marital status.  

Invitation – Your organization is formally invited to become a state or regional affiliate by the HIA leadership. HIA provides a Memorandum of Understanding for both parties to sign.

Application – Your organization completes the Affiliates Application located here (requires Google login)

Applications are reviewed by our Affiliates Committee, which is made up of a representative from every affiliated group. The Chair of the Affiliates Committee sits on the HIA Board of Directors and conveys the Affiliates Committee’s recommendations to the HIA Board. 

If you would like to discuss the HIA’s Affiliates Program for your organization, please contact us.