The Grain & Seed Council

Grain and Seed In Focus:

 HIA members from the hemp grain and seed industry, chaired by the member occupying the grain and seed seat on the HIA Board.

Collaborate to address the opportunities and challenges distinct to their work, including policy, standards, infrastructure, supply and demand, import/export, market education, and more.

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hemp hearts
30g of hemp seeds has more protein the same amount of of chicken or beef.

Jeff Kostuik, HIA Grain And Seed Director

Grain and Seed Chair: Jeff Kostuik, Director of Operations, Hemp Genetics International

Working Agenda for the Grain and Seed Council:

  • Defining hempseed grain-based foods.
  • Capitalizing on hemp’s potential in the expanding plant-based protein market.
  • Hempseed foods vs CBD foods.
  • Nutritional Profiling
  • Workplace drug testing
  • Collecting (and sharing) necessary climate, gene, farming datasets to improve yields/consistency.
  • Building the North American hemp brand internationally.
  • Licensing/bonding for hemp buyers.
  • Filling supply chain and infrastructure gaps.

For 25+ years, the HIA has focused on growing and defending the market for hemp fiber and grain producers and businesses.

Our commitment to the to the whole plant is reflected in HIA events, advocacy, consumer education, and in Hemp History Week.