Business Membership in the Hemp Industries Association
  • Only business members may add the HIA Member Badge to their websites.

  • All members are required to adhere to HIA’s Members Code of Ethics.

  • Includes the right to vote (or be a candidate) in HIA Board elections and at business meetings. Six months of membership directly preceding an election is required.

  • Everyone gets one vote, regardless of the length or level of the membership.

Annual Business class memberships are available in six tiers, with benefits scaled for organizations of different sizes and with differing needs:

Business Membership Options
  • Value-Add #1

    Participate in the sustainable development of hemp as a resource for investing in the American heartland, expanding opportunities for marginalized and underserved communities, spurring innovation, and enriching the quality of life for all.

  • Value-Add #2

    Be part of the longest-standing national hemp community, with an unmatched network and almost thirty years of hemp education and advocacy, and help to write the next chapter in the history of hemp.

  • Value-Add #3

    Position your company as an industry leader by taking an active part in establishing a national hemp industry that is ethical, transparent, responsible, grounded in science, and prioritizes consumer safety.

Hemp's Full Potential
Hemp History Week
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Business Member Benefits Table (click to enlarge)