Annual Business class memberships are available in four tiers, with benefits scaled for organizations of different sizes and with differing needs. Please review the benefits to identify the tier that fits your business priorities. Renewing or rejoining members should login first to avoid duplicating accounts.

Benefits Key

Network & Leadership

Savings & ROI

News & Insights

Promotion & CSR

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Advocacy & Justice

Business 1 - Entrepreneur Membership

Ideal for sole proprietors, independent contractors, and the self-employed. Benefits apply to one individual/brand.
$250 Annual
  • Take a seat on either the Fiber and Hurd Council or the Grain and Seed Council.
  • Exercising your democratic rights as a member—voting, nominating, attending meetings, servant leadership—is core to success of the HIA, which has been led by dedicated volunteer leaders since 1994. A productive, proactive way to help shape the industry that also elevates your profile and organically grows your network.
  • Position your organization as an industry leader by supporting the only national hemp nonprofit in the nation with a proven record of standing up for hemp and advocating for its full potential as an agricultural commodity.
  • Elevate your profile by serving as HIA's representative to allied associations or as an expert speaker at local, national, and online events organized by members or allies.
  • Nominate deserving colleagues for (and vote on) the winners of prestigious HIA industry and service awards
  • Ability to be a sponsor of 2022 HIA events and advertise in newsletters
  • Your company's customizable profile in the National Hemp Business Directory lets you add products, services, graphics, social media links, and other searchable details.
  • Registration and booth rental discounts at partner events all year round (X)
  • Each individual on the membership receives their own unique edition of This Week in Hemp, HIA’s members only hemp industry news digest, with stories curated from around the web and tailored to the recipients’ particular hemp interests.
  • Each individual on the membership gains national hemp policy insights, legislative updates, and expert analysis through the Hemp on the Hill newsletter.
  • Spotlight your CSR with the HIA Membership Badge on your company’s website and digital assets
  • Advertise your events on the Hemp Industry Events Calendar
  • Social media megaphone: Members can add non-commercial announcements (learning opportunities, awards, achievements, positive press) to the stream for HIA’s large and engaged social networks.
  • National and state advocacy for the sustainable development of hemp, ethical and environmentally positive business pratices, science-driven standards and regulations, and the full potential of hemp fiber, flower, and grain products.
  • Support HIA's legal efforts to stop the DEA's interference in the hemp industry
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Business 2 - Executive Membership

Ideal for small businesses or departments. Benefits apply to up to three individuals and one brand.
$1,000 Annual
  • Take a seat on either the Fiber and Hurd Council the Grain and Seed Council (or both).
  • Expert source – Be a go-to contact HIA provides to press and media inquiries relating to your hemp area of expertise.
  • *New* Welcome announcement emailed to membership the month you renew/join including linked logo and product/service summary.
  • Host a Member Webinar to conduct your demonstration, to educate customers, and grow your network
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Business 3 - Enterprise Membership

Best for multi-site companies and mid-sized operations. Benefits extend to up to six individuals and three brands
$2,500 Annual
  • Take a seat on the Cannabinoids Council to connect and collaborate with fellow members focused on elevating standards, safeguarding and educating consumers, and advocating for the scientifically sound regulation of hemp cannabinoids.
  • Invitation (+1) to an exclusive VIP reception at the next liveAnnual General Meeting
  • A social media "takeover" day to promote an event, product, or service via the HIA's popular social networks
  • A "sponsored content" email sent on your behalf to HIA's exclusive email list or segment
  • *New* A dedicated email announcement with logo, description of products/services, and company profile emailed to membership the month you join/renew.
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Business 4 - Premier Membership

Perfect for MSO’s, holding companies, and large organizations. Benefits extend to up to 12 individuals and five brands.
$5,000 Annual
  • Take a seat on any or all of our Industry Councils
  • Hemp Defender Annual Fund Sponsor status - including logo placement on home page
  • Two social media "takeovers" to promote an event, product, or service via the HIA's popular social networks
  • Two "sponsored content" emails sent on your behalf the exclusive HIA email list or segment
  • One "Member Spotlight" video produced and distributed by the HIA across all channels