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HIA History of Defending Hemp
The Hemp Industries Association has a long history of defending hemp from DEA interference

Learn about the HIA’s active federal lawsuits brought in response to DEA’s 2020 rule adding Intermediate Hemp Extract and Waste Hemp Material to the Controlled Substances list: HIA vs DEA IV

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What is the Cannabinoids Council?

A Working Group for HIA members from the hemp cannabinoids industry, Chaired by the Cannabinoids representative on the HIA’s Board of Directors.

Council Purpose:

To convene thought leaders and stakeholders to find solutions to the distinct needs of the hemp cannabinoids industry. The Cannabinoids Council will promote industry standards, educate consumers and retailers, undertake advocacy actions, and devise initiatives and strategies that advance the HIA mission by expanding and maturing the  hemp cannabinoids market.

Council Focus:

To address key needs distinct to the hemp cannabinoids industry, including (though not limited to) elevating standards, educating consumers, advocating for science-backed regulations, promulgating best practices, and conducting research.

Cannabinoids Council Chair Jennifer Knaack, PhD

Jennifer Knaack, PhD

Dr. Knaack is the Cannabinoids Director on the HIA's Board and Chairperson of the Cannabinoids Council.

For 25+ years, the HIA has focused on growing and defending the market for hemp products.

Our commitment to the to the whole plant is reflected in HIA events, advocacy, consumer education, and (when necessary) in legal actions.

Cannabinoids Industry Priorities

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