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There are many reasons that businesses, farms, and individuals choose to join the HIA, but they've all made a choice to help the hemp industry reach its full potential.

Mike Lewis is a farmer from Kentucky and an HIA member who was elected to the HIA’s Board of Directors in 2020 and appointed President in 2021. 

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Membership is a smart investment.

In hemp, and in you.

Creating space for you to connect

Building your network is our specialty. HIACON is an annual nexus for the nation’s hemp leaders, online resources provide forums for connection and communication, the Member Directory offers both access and discounts, and leadership service is a unique opportunity to elevate your profile on a national stage.

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Your trusted source for hemp expertise

The HIA has been educating consumers, legislators, farmers, regulators, law enforcement, and retailers about hemp for over a quarter-century.  

Giving voice to your hemp priorities

Whether it’s helping state regulators to develop hemp plans, advocating for fair national hemp policies, fighting DEA overreach in court, or educating the market about the incredible potential of the hemp plant —the HIA makes sure that our members’ voices are heard.

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