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In 1994, a group of hemp business and activist leaders came together with the shared goals of setting standards for hemp products and legalizing hemp in the U.S. To focus their efforts, they formed the HIA, a volunteer-led, mission-driven, and democratically-governed trade association.


Connecting farming and industry experts to share knowledge  ↔  Educating consumers on hemp’s history and potential

Learning about Hemp
Hemp Hisotry Week Boulder Farmers Market 2017


Defending hemp against DEA overreach Supporting science-based regulations ↔ Promoting hemp row-crop adoption 


Representing the hemp fiber, grain, and cannabinoids industries Cultivating relationships through networking and leadership opportunities

Sustainably Farming Hemp

More About the HIA

Board & Staff

Learn about the current Board of Directors and HIA staff.

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Mission & Principles

Learn about the purpose and guiding principles of the HIA.

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