The Fiber & Hurd Council

For most of humankind’s long relationship with the hemp plant, it was grown and harvested for its fibrous properties. With an incredible number of known and potential uses, the components of the hemp stalk (or stem) have been utilized as far back as 8000 BCE for cordage, ropes, nets, and clothing and more —making it quite possibly the earliest cultivated fiber crop.

The future of industrial hemp is fiber

The Council is a Working Group for members to explore opportunities and address challenges distinct to the hemp fiber industry, including farmer adoption, infrastructure, production capacity, sustainability, market education, and more.

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Hemp Fiber and Hurd Council

Fiber & Hurd Council Chairperson

Zev Paiss, Fiber Council Chair


Zev Paiss

Abraham Paiss and Associates

HIA Board Director (Fiber and Hurd)

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