Hemp Lexicon from AHPA

Hemp Lexicon Produced by AHPA to Standardize Hemp Terminology

AHPA’s Hemp Lexicon

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), a Strategic Partner of the Hemp Industries Association and the leading trade association representing the herbal products industry, has published a Hemp Lexicon intended to support the standardization of the terminology used in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and labeling of hemp and products derived from hemp as defined in U.S. federal law. The Lexicon will be a reference tool for the hemp industry as well as the federal, state, tribal, and other jurisdictions that oversee the hemp industry to provide guidance and encourage clear, consistent communication. The definitions in the Lexicon can also provide consumers with a common understanding of the diverse terms used in the description, marketing, and labeling of hemp products as well.

The Lexicon was developed by a working group of the AHPA Cannabis Committee and included hemp growers, manufacturers, processors, and product marketers who use this terminology in their operations and communications. Suggestions for additional terms to include in the Hemp Lexicon are welcome and revisions will be made as additional insights are gained through its practical use.

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