HIA Board Service

Seeking: Committed volunteer members to serve as leaders of the oldest and most influential hemp nonprofit in America. 

Position Description:

The majority of the seats on the Board are reserved for elected statutory (Business and Farming) members with a minimum of two consecutive years of membership, while a few are reserved for ex officio appointments. Ex officio essentially means they are appointed for their expertise. Appointments can also be made by the Board to fill vacancies left by elected Directors who left the Board prior to the conclusion of their term.

Elected terms are for three years. Appointments may be made for shorter terms. In the case of vacancy appointments, the appointment may not extend beyond the natural term of the elected seat being filled.

The HIA Board currently meets once per month (virtually) for two hours. In typical years, Board members are asked to attend in person and participate in the Annual General Meeting of Members that is held in conjunction with HIACON. 

Nope. Just keeping your membership current.

Only in the sense that as the leaders of the organization Board members are encouraged to promote the HIA and the benefits membership when appropriate opportunities present.

Yes. View the Board Code of Conduct.

Per the HIA bylaws, violating the adopted Code of Conduct could result in removal from the Board.

Also per our bylaws, Directors are expected to attend Board meetings and can send a proxy if unable. Missing three or more consecutive Board meetings subjects a Director to potential removal.

By democratic consent. The HIA Board follows a relaxed set of parliamentary procedures based on Robert's Rules of Order for Small Boards, which means:

All Directors are given a chance to contribute the agenda, speak about issues on the table, offer motions, and review the minutes of each meeting for accuracy.

No. The HIA isn't subject to public meetings requirements (we're not that kind of nonprofit), and nothing that is discussed or voted on is intended for the general public.

That said: As a 501(c)(6) mutual benefit corporation with members, our members do get to see Board meeting minutes, which include vote totals, upon request. While, technically, members are not supposed to then report out what they learn—the practical reality is that through this transparency the minutes and vote totals from Board meetings can become public. Minutes include only a description of the topic and actions taken, not details about the content of discussions.

There are no limits on the number of consecutive or non-consecutive terms an elected Board member may serve.


If you are a current member, you will receive a  Call for Nominations email in July with details on how to nominate someone to serve as a candidate in the elections. Self-nominations are accepted. 

This year's election will be conducted virtually (for obvious reasons), beginning on November 1st and concluding on December 31st.