HIA Dedicates Board Seats for Fiber, Grain & Seed, and Cannabinoid

Changes to formalize organization’s commitment to advancing the whole hemp economy, provide opportunities for industry leadership.

VANCOUVER, Washington­ – The Hemp Industries Association announces the allocation of three permanent seats on its Board of Directors for leaders from the fiber, grain and seed, and cannabinoids industries. With the establishment of these permanent seats, the HIA Board also voted to form three standing subcommittees —called the Hemp Cannabinoid Council, the Hemp Grain and Seed Council, and the Hemp Fiber Council— to be chaired by the new appointees.

“We are excited to offer this organizational structure to serve the needs of the varying hemp markets,” said Annie Rouse, current Secretary and HIA Board Member Annie Rouse. “This new structure will allow the sectors to organize, communicate and grow in an effective manner that supports the needs of each market.”

The Board of Directors is considering potential candidates from the grain/seed, fiber, and cannabinoid sectors for appointment. The three Councils that will be led by the new appointees will recruit thought leaders and stakeholders from each sector to identify and address key needs and national priorities for their fields and work to align the strategic direction of the association to address them. 

“The Hemp Industries Association name was chosen in acknowledgement of the diverse uses of the plant and the distinct needs and priorities of the hemp fiber, grain, and cannabinoid sectors,” said Executive Director Jody McGinness. “Now the HIA has built its commitment to serving the whole hemp economy into the actual structure of the organization.”

The Hemp Industries Association Board of Directors now numbers twelve seats, and meets virtually once per month to direct the organization strategically and guide the HIA to address pressing needs of the U.S. hemp industries.  


Founded more than 25 years ago by a group of hemp business owners and activists, The Hemp Industries Association is a membership-based nonprofit trade association that serves all facets of the U.S. hemp economy. Its mission statement reads: “To advance the hemp economy and educate the market for the benefit of our members, the public, and the planet.” For more information please go to www.thehia.org