Legal Hemp Webinar March 8
The Drug Enforcement Administration recently clarified their position on non-naturally occurring cannabinoids, specifically stating that THCO is Schedule 1 —because it doesn’t meet the definition of hemp. This means there are other products that similarly can’t be found in the plant that join THCO in the federally illegal column. THCO is one popular product, but it and similarly unnatural cannabinoids can land you and your customers in legal jeopardy.
Join the Hemp Industries Association in a webinar designed to clarify these complicated issues:
What is (Legal) Hemp and What is Not
Featuring renowned cannabis attorney Rod Kight (whose inquiry to the DEA brought this urgent issue to light) and KCA Laboratories’ founder Chris Ware, this one-hour webinar will make it clear:
  • Where and why the DEA is drawing a line between some cannabinoids and others.
  • The science behind the safe manufacturing of high-quality hemp cannabinoid products.
  • The federal and state policy impact of the DEA’s stance and what it means for business owners.
A Q&A will follow the presentations. The event will be held virtually via Zoom and moderated by HIA Executive Director Jody McGinness.
Free for HIA members / $15 for non-members.


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