One hemp podcast

The One Hemp Podcast

The HIA is proud to present the first episode of the One Hemp Podcast. The podcast was conceived a medium for featuring good news about the hemp industry and telling the human stories that have formed the history of hemp in the U.S.

The inaugural episode features:

  • Hemp Headlines – A rundown of the hemp news you need to know, featuring Mike Lewis as a guest commenter. Advanced Mobile Filtration Services Logo
  • An in-depth interview with Gerard Simon, COO of Advanced Mobile Filtration Services.
  • Commentary about the FDA’s announcement that it won’t be creating regulations for CBD.
  • Hemp History Week A Hemp Yarn, presented by Hemp History WeekThe Tragic Story of George Trout.
  • Hemp Happenings – Upcoming events and opportunities that should be on your calendar.

The podcast is hosted by Jody McGinness, Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association —the nation’s foremost hemp advocacy organization.

The full length podcast, available exclusively on Spotify, will be produced on a monthly basis and follow the same format.

Listen to the One Hemp Podcast here.

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